A Stepbrother Bully Romance

I’m the whispers in the dark you can’t ignore.
The bully you can’t run away from.

I’m the tormentor who makes your life a living hell.

The villain you love to hate.

I’m the vicious stepbrother sleeping in the next room.

The one who knows all your secrets.

And I’ll stop at nothing to make you pay.

WARNING: This book is recommended for mature readers due to graphic language, sexual content, and dark elements.

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Series: N/A

My Rating: ★★

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this book. It has been my mission this January to read new-to-me authors, you know to expand my palate. Now here I am, once again the bitch because everyone seems to have rated this book 4 or 5 stars and I’m here like

Because I did not get 5* read. Did I enjoy it? well kind of. Could it have been better? Absolutely. Fair warning- this review may contain some spoilers.

So Aspen met Knox when they were about 6 years old, I think, on a play date when Leo, Knox’s uncle brings him along to his best friend’s house, Aspen’s father. Right then Knox decides that he doesn’t want her friendship. Okay I get that he feared that his abusive father might use her to hurt him, so he decides to push her away because, in his words, he needs to protect her. What blows my mind, is how then did she become the enemy so much so that he’s so hell bend on torturing her for years. Is he jealous of her, of her life, or is he keeping her safe? At what point and why did he decide that she’s the enemy? What did I miss?

Anyway, years later, Aspen’s dad dies and her mother marries, none other than Knox’s dad, Trent. Now they live under the same roof and Knox is still aloof and all that.

Why does Trent deem it necessary to marry Aspen’s mother if his sole objective is to torment Knox? I mean he could have just done that without marrying her mother? Furthermore, why on earth did Trent go around killing people to send a message to Knox? I mean I could lend some understanding to Candi Kane because she was associated with Aspen through work even though they weren’t friends. But Staci and Traci and Shadow? They were damn near enemies with Aspen. Could it really be because they slept with Knox?

Why does Leo deem it necessary to kill Aspen’s dad? Surely it can’t solely be so he can sleep with his 16-year-old daughter? If it is, then I expected some shit from an abusive asshole like him when she decided she wanted out. Not to moan a little bit and then just let it go. I mean he killed a man for her.

Why was Trent and Leo abusive? There’s no backstory provided to their characters. And what the hell was Trent’s aversion to cupcakes?

When Leo took Knox to meet Aspen and Knox cut her hair, Leo slapped the shit out of him. You mean to tell me that neither Aspen nor her dad saw that shit and didn’t do anything about it? I mean she saw his bruise and witness his assault, so did her father. Yet she can’t remember and neither of them seem that bothered, but are infact surprised that Knox is a broody asshole? So much so, that she decides he’s the best thing since sliced bread after her father dies.  If Aspen’s dad was a decent parent as he’s portrayed, I imagine he’d be outraged by witnessing a kid the same age as his being slapped into the middle of next week!!

Furthermore, when Aspen saw that writing in the close saying “help me” and she knew it used to be Knox room, she didn’t get suspicious at all? No question, no wondering what it was all about? NOTHING?


As I said

The story could have been better. Honestly, I was underwhelmed but I won’t lie and say I wasn’t intrigued by some of it from around 50%. The first 50% was slow. The ending was rushed. After the death of the parents, that’s it. I would have liked to see how Knox and Aspen live with their decision. What the police say about what they find etc. They parents died, Knox left, and Aspen went to college. The End. Also Knox talked about selling the house and sharing the money with Aspen. With all those dead people’s fingers buried in the back garden?




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