An Arranged Marriage Romance


I was never a beloved daughter. Only a prized possession to be kept in a gilded cage until my father was ready to trade.

It was my duty, carved in stone and written in my blood that one day my virtue would be exchanged for an alliance. And now, that day has come.

Gian Silvestro, heir to the Silvestro empire, will accept me as his wife and seal my fate with a kiss that holds a thousand promises. But to him, our vows only mean one thing…

I am bound to him…and shackled to his hate.

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Series: The Devils #1

My Rating: ★★ ⋆

I’m very conflicted writing this review because I love Bella J. I mean have you read the The Sins of Saint Series? If you haven’t, get your shit together. If you have then you’ll understand why when I heard of this upcoming release, I lost my shit with excitement. But I have to say, this didn’t meet my expectations. Maybe they were too high? Who knows?

Anyway, if you’ve read mafia romances then this story line is not exactly original. Young Daniela Faye Moretti is the first born of the Moretti family. Therefore, it is required of her in the interest of the family business to marry Gian Silvestro in order to bring peace between the families and also make fortunes for them in the process.

Daniela is strong headed. While she knows what’s expected of her, her father knows she wont yield, so he blackmails her into the marriage.

Gian hates Daniela’s father, and everything associated with him with a passion of a 1000 suns. So when he’s ordered to marry his daughter, he goes along with it reluctantly and swears to make her life a living misery for as long as they both shall live. And he does. The first few weeks of marriage he brutalizes her, humiliates her and belittles her. Until one day he’s so consumed by his hatred that he takes his brutality too far with Daniela, which serves as wake-up call for him to back off of her.

The problem with this story is I can summaries it in four steps.

  1. Get married and hate each other
  2. Make peace
  3. Kidnapped and death
  4. The end

Absolutely nothing happened in this book except the 4 steps above.

We don’t really know why Gian hates Daniela’s father so much, we don’t know why her father is keen on Daniela getting pregnant so much, we don’t know why Gian and his brother hate each other so much to a point where he does what he did to his wife and her sister, we don’t really know whether the type of business Gian is involved in with Irina that resulted in that girls death is infact the truth. I mean when a girl dies on your driveway and your husband gives you an explanation like that, you wouldn’t question it thoroughly? Daniela seems to have moved on swimmingly. If it is really legit, why didn’t Darion want Gain to explain it to his wife?

I really don’t understand why this book had to be a duet. It was short and as I said nothing really happened to warrant a cliff-hanger for another book. It really would have sufficed as standalone. I really wanted to love it. I didn’t hate it but the lack of originality in the storyline plus the lack of action and the endless questions I still have after all that made it really hard to love. I don’t know maybe because I read crazy dark books, I’m just jaded now? That must be it because everybody else seems to rate it at 5*.

Nonetheless, I look forward to book 2.

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