Deadly. Dangerous. A beautiful sinner.

Luca Mancini is an assassin with a dark past and a darker scar crushing more than his good looks.
He said goodbye to his soul. I said hello to an unfamiliar stirring deep inside.
Some people call him monster. I must call him mine.
The capo dei capi, the greatest king of all time, forces Luca to marry me—his defiant daughter.
Watch her, he commands of Luca. Control her and make her obey the family motto: loyalty above all else.
But I have other plans.
They involve retribution for my mother’s death and freedom from this God forsaken underworld.
Luca has a choice. Fight by my side, or crumble with the rest of the kingdom.

I want revenge. Luca wants me.
A mafia war brought us together.
Will his vow to my father tear us apart?

Love is power, sinning inevitable.
And for the king to fall, a woman must rise to reign—or die trying.
I’m about to take my shot at the throne.

For fans of Sophie Lark, Rina Kent and Anna Zaires.

The Sinners is an organized crime / mafia romance that edges on the dark side. These pages are full of revenge, punishment and redemption, but this is also a deeply moving love story. Please read with caution.

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Series: The Sinners #1

My Rating:★★★

This is my first book by this author. Its full of intrigue, mystery, anguish, deceit, heartbreak, love and betrayal. Luca and Vivian are a couple who want each other but their circumstances pose such an obstacle that being together seems impossible.

Vivian is born to a ruthless man who seeks power, respect in the most violent of ways. With contempt for his daughter and something akin to hatred for her hard headedness, he is abusive, emotionally, and physically to try to bring her to heed but no joy. Vivi is fierce and refuses to cower to him and compromise her moral compass for anyone, no matter how much they beat her.

Through her turmoil, her only constant is her father’s assassin, Luca. Her heart yearns for him. For some reason he is the light in her world, while he’s not even hers. As fate may have it, in the end he becomes hers. Or is he really?

Luca is known as the man you never want your name to cross his desk. As assassin for the don with a kill list as long as his arm. When his boss’s daughter catches his eye, he knows he cant act on his feelings without risk of death. So he fight his feelings, but Vivi pushes until by stroke of luck, she lands on his lap. But are his intentions pure? Is he marrying her for love, or are the hidden agendas at play?

There are so many secrets in this book and I’m here for it. I have to say I wish I’d read the book before this one because while I enjoyed it I couldn’t hep but feel like I was missing something. Especially when Luca and Vivi met and whatever it is that happened 5 years ago. There was a lot going on off pages which always does my head in because it robs me of feeling really part of the story. Like the dynamics of Simone and her husband that made him think Vivi would have secrets. I wish I got to see Vivi’s life with her family apart from when they were beating the shit out of her. It almost read like part 2 of an already told story.

Luca’s background while told was another thing that happened off pages. Even the mafia-ness of a mafia story was off the pages I really hate that. Another thing that annoyed me was how long the chapters were. They got tedious to read and somehow slowed down the pace of the book.

But, I loved Luca. Nobody, and I mean nobody grovels like that man. It made me all swoony and fuzzy inside, hell I would have forgiven him anything. I liked the storyline. The betrayal was plentiful I felt sorry for Vivi. To be that alone must suck. Literally everyone in her life betrayed her.

I can’t wait for book two because that cliffhanger is savage. I don’t know how she will move on from that kind betray from Luca, and I can’t wait to find out.

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