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My Rating:★ ⋆

You know when you’ve read a book but are a bit iffy on whether you should review it or not because it just didn’t grip you the way, the way, and therefore, don’t even know what to say about it?  Yeah? That’s me right now. And once again I find myself in a position where I’m the only one who didn’t have their socks knocked off.

While my preference is normally dark, crazy ass romance books with stories that have you wearing your “what the fuck” face throughout, every now and then I like to cleanse my palate as it were with something a bit more, normal shall we say. And that’s why I read this book. But unfortunately, that means, the palate cleanser book has to be the shit. So that plays a big role on my feelings about the book. So, take my review with a pinch of salt because many readers clearly loved it.

The book started off strong. As soon as I read the prologue, I was excited with the direction of traffic. But then

So, let’s start with what I loved. I loved Adeline. She was quiet, sweet, kind and just a beautiful soul who had been dealt a shitty hand by life. And she soldered through albeit with the burden of trying to live an invisible life which resulted her in not living at all. Foster? I really wanted to love him. I mean I didn’t hate him, but he’s not my kind of man. Dare I say, he was too sweet. Listen, if I’m going to read books like these, then I’m going to love men I wouldn’t normally fuck with in real life. Okay? And I love myself a fictional hard; basically asshole man.

As for the story itself? It was…well not for me. It was sooo slow and honestly just could have been better. The romance was underwhelming. I mean when Foster and Adeline finally got together, they was not one conversation about their high school days or anything. Even a reference to when they bumped into each other on the night of the fire. Nothing. Then he decided, rather too quickly that he wanted her, forgetting that he never even knew of her existence when they were in class together or the 12 years after. As for Foster, seriously his parents were minted enough to have trust funds and shit. He just walked away from that and they just let him? I mean it would have been nice to see some angst, some tension or something to show that the ‘rents were not happy. Not just the 2 lines that his mother said on the street and his father whispered at the ceremony. I needed more. Furthermore, you mean to tell me, that a fire kills a man who has killed 5 of his kids and their mother, and the popo just ASSUMED it was him? Nobody bothered to do any tests to verify that it was infact the perpetrator?

Also, how did Julian know about Adeline’s father all this time while the popo didn’t even bother verifying? I don’t know. As I said others loved it, but it just lacked whatever it is I needed for it to grab me and have me connect. I did in fact skip quite a few pages if I’m honest.

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