USA Today bestselling author T.K. Leigh delivers her most gripping and breathtaking story to date about two star-crossed lovers and a secret that could destroy everything.

Weston Bradford entered my world in a whirlwind.

Or, more accurately, during a torrential downpour.

After our brief encounter, I didn’t think I’d ever see the attractive man with mesmerizing blue eyes again. Not in a city the size of Atlanta.

Until I agree to take on a historic home renovation and learn the owner is none other than the same Weston Bradford who I met in the rain.

We’re as opposite as two people can be, but there’s no denying the spark, the connection, the invisible tether pulling us toward one another.

But my past has left me broken and scarred, forcing me to erect walls around myself. That doesn’t seem to deter Wes, though. He’s more than happy to scale those walls to possess the one thing I swore I’d never give another person again — my heart.

When the past collides with my present in an unexpected way, will he stand by my side and weather the storm threatening to destroy everything? Or will he abandon me like everyone else in my life?

Possession in the first book in the Possession Duet, a spinoff of the Redemption Duet. Start this story of two star-crossed lovers today, and find out if love truly can conquer hate.

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Series: Possession #1

My Rating: ★★★★

I have recently gone down the rabbit hole of the KU and discovered this gem just by chance. When I tell you my mind is blown, I mean my mind is fucking blow. WOW! Just WOW! What a book! This is my first book by this author, and it was so unputdownable that as I’m writing this review, I’m resisting the urge to just leave it so I can get onto book 2; but I can’t not review this.

Londyn Bennett meets Weston Bradford on the unfortunate day she lost her job and the 20th anniversary of her mothers’ death when he saves her from being run over by a van. The attraction is instant, yet they go their separate way. Fate however has other ideas when Wes decides to have his grandparents old house renovated and by chance Londyn is the interior designer his sister hires for the job. With their share’s passion for buildings, design and art, they embark on the journey of restoring this house together.

Feelings are there, but Londyn has such a dark past that have resulted in her having trust issues that render her unable to get emotionally involved with anyone. Wes wants Londyn, in any way she can get her, so when she keeps running from him and insisting that she only wants friendship, Wes fight her but eventually relents.

The continue to spend time together, basically dating; until Londyn eventually relents and they become an official couple. While that’s exciting, when Londyn finally opens up to Wes about her past; about Jay, her husband and her dad, I thought

But I loved Wes. I mean Wes is BAE. I loved how he held her throughout her struggles, how he helped her grow and move on and just loved her back together. Especially when he insisted that the New Year’s gala was not an option for him because he didn’t want to put his girl through the reminder of her trauma.

Anyway, the night of the masquerade gala comes and when Julia starts to tell Londyn what her husband did for a living and bit of background, my reaction was

When Wes doesn’t catch onto her distress and left her with Nick to go give his speech, I was screaming don’t leave her with him.

I loved this book to death. I went in blind; I don’t even remember reading the blurb. Something just pulled me to it. I must say it was different to what I expected. I expected a lot of racial tension seeing as Wes was white and Londyn black. That’s probably what attracted me as I’ve never read a book with an interracial couple. But boy was it good. The instalove thing I’m never ever really convinced of. But I must say, for some reason I’m buying what they are selling. What I’m still unclear about is whether Londyn is infact divorced because she said she just upped and left and never seen her husband again? Did they divorce? Also, what did Nick mean about Julia the night after the masquerade? Is she his victim too? I want that story clarified immediately. I was also annoyed by that cliff-hanger. I hope Nick doesn’t die. I want him alive to see his life fall apart before his very eyes. I hate when people just die when they’re found out. Let them live so they can suffer.

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