Mia Thompson wants only one thing: to survive Gravestone University, graduate, and get far far away from her hometown and its archaic traditions.

But she’s about to become a pawn in a game she doesn’t understand.

Bexley Danforth wants only one thing: to keep his head down, survive four years at college, and get far far away from his past and the mistakes that haunt him.

But he’s about to become an initiate in a test he might not survive.

One fateful night entwined their lives on a path neither of them saw coming… and now she can’t forget about the guy who made her feel worthy, and he can’t forget about the girl who can never be his.

But the things about rules?

They’re made to be broken.

Shattered Lies is the first book in the Gravestone Elite trilogy. It contains mature content that some readers may find disturbing. You have been warned.

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Series: Gravestone Elite #1

My Rating: ★★★

If you’ve read Rebels of Sterling Prep, you won’t be surprised that I went into this book headfirst. I loved that series and I have a feeling I’ll love this trilogy.

But let’s be clear. Don’t let my rating deter you from reading this series because its primarily based on my own personal preferences rather than the quality of the story.

We remember Bexley Danford from the Rebels of Sterling Prep series as Remi’s childhood best friend turned into a sworn enemy that eventually Cole and Ace dealt with in a brutal way. When he’s banished to Gravestone to live with his long-lost uncle, all he wants is to lay low, finish college and eventually fall off the face of the earth. All this is well and good until he meets Mia Thompson.

Mia Thompson is a descendant of one of the elite families of society of Gravestone. She does not care for the position or the hierarchy that the town is divided into. She wants to finish school and choose a path for her future, marry a man who sets her soul on fire and live happily ever after. But as it turns out, fate has other plans for her when she unexpectedly finds herself in an entanglement with Cade Kingsley, much to her dismay.

When Bex and Mia meet at a party one night, sparks between them burn up into an inferno. So when Bex later finds out that she’s off limits, he decides to fight for his girl; partly because he simply wants her and partly because he doesn’t care for the man she’s entangled to.  Just when Bex thinks winning Mia is the biggest problem to deal with, his whole world turns upside down when he learns that his whole life has been a lie; the man he thought was his father is not, the man he’s just met, and thought was his uncle is not. It only goes from bad to worse when its revealed just how embedded his identity is to the foundation of Gravestone and the changes that come with such prestige. While he’s not happy about it, he’s got no choice in the matter.

But enough about the summary. This is a bit “grey” for my taste. It has that weird high elite society rituals that always blow my mind, but it wasn’t as dark as I would have liked. While Cade fancies himself the boss of his friendship group, I didn’t find him that dark. Just a power hungry and an 18-year-old with more money than sense, even their rituals were not really crazy. I’ve read much darker teenagers than him. As I said, personal preferences.

There are so many questions around the story, like how did Marcus find out about Bex, where the Jaggers come into this? Is Bex James’ nephew? I imagine they will be answered in the coming books.

I loved Bex. He has grown up so much from that guy we met in the in Sterling Prep. He’s remorseful and has a lot more sense. Mia is a bit mmm for me. She’s not weak by any means but she’s not strong either. But to be fair to her, she’s been thrust into a world she doesn’t know well, so I guess you can’t defend yourself against something you don’t know. But I loved how she stayed defiant and fought for her man. With that cliff-hanger I can’t wait for book two because I know

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