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03 – 09  August 2020

This is a list of all the books released during the week subjected in the heading and we look forward to reading.

Released: 03 August 2020     The Heights Crew #4

I came to the Heights with a purpose.

Join the Heights Crew. Move up the ranks. Make it implode from the inside out.

But more than anything, make them suffer as much as I’ve suffered over the years because of them.

I planned everything…or so I’d thought. I had a contingency plan for my contingency plan, but that was before I met them. The few members of the crew who’ve already irrevocably changed my life.

I thought I knew what I wanted, and I still do want that, but if getting my vengeance means ruining my future—our future—how can I live with that?

KNOCKOUT QUEEN is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH

Released: 6 August 2020    

He can save her life, but can he save her heart as well…

Abby Walker arrived in Severton searching for her sister. Two years later, she’s the one being hunted.
Life as a cop in a small town shouldn’t include protecting tiny blonde bartenders from big city gangs, but Alex Maynard won’t ever let the bad guys win. The quietest of the Maynard family, he refuses to let anything blur his lines.
Except Abby. He knows he’s been her crush for a while, but doing anything about it wouldn’t have felt right, not when he knows she’s keeping a secret that could destroy his career.
One hot night and a scorching kiss later, the feelings between them have definitely been shaken. Abby’s life is in danger and Alex has to make a choice – the woman he’s falling for or protecting his small town and his family that lives in it.

Contains a hot cop, small town, and some serious suspense. Shaken is part of the Severton Search and Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Released:  07 August 2020      Radioactive Tales of Love #2

ndelible scars and memories chase us like ghosts.

He was supposed to be coming home. But not like this, never like this. I’d always dreamed that one day Quinton Grayson would be mine. Now he’s back and we’re both dealing with paralyzing guilt. Does wanting him make sense when I have the responsibility to take care of my nephew? Quinton is holding back; dare I find out why?

When you’re on the sand you’re supposed to leave everything there. Unfortunately, I’ve brought it back to Arlington Heights and Lyric Scott’s doorstep. My body reveals all the scars for everyone to see, but the ones on my soul are graver. Will she even look my way? What can I possibly offer her other than to keep the promise I made to her brother, my best friend who I couldn’t bring back?

We’re a ready-made family now, how can I walk away? But how can I allow her to deal with the demons at my door