Power. Money. Status.

All the riches this world has to offer belong to me.
Whatever I want, I get.
And those who stand in my way?
They don’t live long enough to tell their tale.

I’m a villain thriving in darkness, who seeks no redemption.
A hunter who sets his sight on an irresistible prey.

There is a monster reigning inside me who covets to stake his claim and drag her to his cave.
A beautiful siren who ends up captured by a possessive beast and locked in his castle.

She will be my wife.
No matter what I have to do in order to achieve it.

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Series: N/A

My Rating: ★★⋆

I’ve read several of this author’s books before and she always brings it with her dark, twisted worlds and characters with ambiguous moral compasses, yet you find you have no choice but to love them. And I loved Lucian.

When Lucian’s grandfathers are too stubborn to put the children’s needs before their interests, they set in motion events that condemn Lucian to a life of misery and horrendous abuse. At the age of 7, he falls into the clutches of men who find joy in the suffering of children. For 7 years, through all the abuse and heartache, Lucian has one thing in mind, to survive so he can one day beat them. And survive he does until one good Samaritan finally comes to his rescue and is eventually reunited with his father.

All his adult life, he is consumed with the need for revenge and to rid the world of the type of men who roam the earth inflicting the type of pain he’s endured in the most gruesome ways. When one day, one of his victims drops a name that changes the trajectory of his life for good; Esmeralda Rebecca Hugh.

At a young age, Esme witnesses the brutal murder of her mother and she managed to elude the murderer for 10 years. When her sister seemingly abandons her, she is stuck with her rich, prestigious, cold and unloving grandmother, who burdens her with the responsibilities of her family name. But all Esme wants is to make art and be loved and happy.

Her art sets her in Lucian’s path and her life is never the same again when against her better judgement, not that she had a choice, she finds herself married to him.

OK, lets pause her for a bit. The storyline was fire. The drama, the angst; it had so much promise up until the wedding. From then on it just went

Firstly, from the beginning Esme swore she was not interested in a relationship and refused Lucian’s marriage proposal four times. Then homeboy brings out the big guns. You guessed it, fireworks on her birthday. And apparently, that’s all it takes for her to change her mind and marry a man she’s known for 2 weeks.

Anyway, they get married and soon after the story just drag on and on for most of it really. Nothing happened for ages. They have sex a lot. While I love me some smut in books, even the sex scenes just dragged on and on too (if that’s possible) so in the end, I just didn’t read them either. Esme finds out about Lucian’s nightly escapades and rightly decides to run. Of course Lucian chases her down and brings her back home. I know she was blackmailed but damn! All the man had to do with kiss her and all was forgotten, and she starts making excuses for him before she even knew the story. I don’t get that shit. Lucian must bring the fire with him in bed.

Okay, maybe there is but damn! She couldn’t fight him a bit longer and harder before she let him touch her again? I don’t know. It’s just me.

The parts I enjoyed the most were the backstory of Lucian’s childhood. The rest of the time being in Esme’s head was just not all that. And I did in fact skip some pages, okay, lots of pages. I have questions about Lucian’s mom. How did she die? And how did Lucian end up in the street? Did he run away from the orphanage or was he kicked out? When did he go to said orphanage? In the end when Lucian got the call from Harold about Alec having been to the house and Lucian connected that Evangeline was Marina and he just also just happened to know exactly where he would have taken her? well, how? By premonition, divine intervention? Did he just have an epiphany?

Also, Eugene’s story. What’s that about? Does he know of Lucian’s escapades? Do they do it together? How did they meet to become best friends etc. does he have his own book that I haven’t read that would answer this question? If so, my bad. Also who sent the pictures of Esme the day after the wedding? Who between Andreas and Alec knew of Lucian’s escapades and how on earth did they get said pictures? I would like to read Jacob’s story too. Nonetheless I really enjoyed it. It started off strong and just went a bit left for me after the wedding. The ease with which Esme excepted her new life and her husband’s side hustle was crazy for me.

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