When I signed up for the nanny agency, I didn’t expect a remote mansion on a windswept isle. Or a brooding billionaire who resents his new role.

His brother’s death means he’s now in charge of a moody seven year old girl. She’s lashing out at the world, but I can handle her. I have to. I need the money to finish my college degree.

As long as I can avoid the boss who alternately mocks me and coaxes me to reveal my darkest secrets.

Hit the Author Up

Series: Rochester Trilogy #1

My Rating:★★★⋆

This is my first book by this author and honestly, I can’t even tell you why. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Following the death of his brother and his sister-in-law, Beau Rochester is awarded guardianship of his 6-year-old niece Paige. He doesn’t know anything about raising children, and even less about dealing with a grieving one. So when his friend suggests a live in nanny, Jane Mendoza arrives. He has so many secrets and is feeling guilty about something(s).

Jane accepts the job with the Rochesters to save money so she could go to college. Having grown up in the foster system following her parent’s death, all she wants is security and a home for herself. So when she arrives on the job to a broody man and a heartbroken child, she soon realises just how far down the rabbit hole she’s gone. Her feelings for Beau are more than what she should feel for her employer and the feelings are mutual.

I loved loved loved Beau. He was broody, dark, minted and aloof. My kind of man. And he has loads of secrets, apparently. I did however feel like I don’t know him at all. Most of the story is written from Jane’s POV with about 2 chapters from him. But we didn’t spend enough time with him to know him. He has secrets yes, but we have no clue what those are or what they relate to. That scene where Mateo came to the house the day after the dinner party, I would have loved to see the conversation between the two men when Jane went back inside. But that didn’t happen. It would have been nice to hear more of his thoughts about everything really.

As for Jane, while his innocence was endearing, when she allowed Beau to play footsie with her after he spent days with another woman and ignoring her, without protest or a fight, I thought

or is it simply a consequence of how she grew up. Unloved, unwanted therefore never set standards for how people should treat her and very little self-worth? I don’t know but I still think she should have atleast brought up her displeasure about it. The timelines moved along quite quickly, so I didn’t get the angst between the characters at all. Their relationship was forbidden, but I didn’t feel like there was enough resistance or back and forth between them before they acted on their feelings. While Beau claimed to love Jane, I don’t see how. They hardly spent any time at all together, and when they did, they were having sex in one form or another.

While I recognise this is a trilogy and more of the story will come later, I wish we were given a bit more of something. Romance maybe? Got to know Beau a lot better? understood a bit more why people talked about him the way they did? why Paige has the kind of dreams and fears she has?

Having said that, I devoured this bitch like they were cutting me a cheque. It was a nice easy read, flowed beautifully and had me captivated from start to finish and not once did I feel like I had to skip a page. I can’t wait for book 2.

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