RECKLESS WOMAN is the much-anticipated final book in the Grayson Duet, from bestselling author Catherine Wiltcher’s dark and thrilling Santiago saga…

Lose him. Break him. Use him. Love him…

I don’t dance with the devil.
I dance with his shadow, instead.
He found me.
He killed for me.
He took my broken past, and he offered me a dangerous future.

But there’s a new poison in our lives.
He’s death by another name…
Now, everyone we’ve ever loved,
Everything we’d thought we believed in,
Will lie in ruins before the night is done.

A ruthless enemy brought this chaos down upon us.
Only a reckless woman can make it right.

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My Rating:★★★ ⋆

I have to confess that earlier in February I told myself I was done with mafia romances. The storylines were just repetitive in every book and I was just over it. But if you’ve read any of Catherine’s books, you’d know there was no way I was missing out on this one. I’m not usually sentimental about authors, I just want a good book. But I have to say, Catherine comes damn close to bringing the sentiment out of me. I have not read a book yet that she’s written that I didn’t love. The premise of the book is like nothing I’ve read before; going back in history of characters that we’ve already read their HEA and the intertwining of 3 series was genius. Most importantly, I got to spend quality time with hubby Dante again

This is going to be a short review because I feel like the bulk of the story was in book one. The author lets us into the how Anna and Joseph had to endure the deceit, pain, lies, secrets, healing and growth to get their HEA. If you’ve read Shadow Man then you remember Joseph’s childhood wasn’t great. (If you’ve not, don’t waste your time reading this book first).

We read how Joseph dealt with the death of his family when he was a child and that of his wife and child when he was an adult. We see how he came to work for Dante and how he therefore never really dealt with his feelings of loss and grief. By the time he meets Anna, he’s a cold man who doesn’t handle his emotions well. And when his history starts to seep into his present and future, it becomes inevitable that he has to face his past, lest he loses his girl. But will he?

Anna like Joseph has lost so much. But unlike him, she’s somewhat allowed herself to grieve. However, the aftermath of her kidnapping has had detrimental effect on her and while she’s allowed herself to heal from it and is ready to move on with the man she loves, said man is not. The frustration she feels, the insecurity, the thought of loosing him, she feels adrift. He’s not himself, he’s not fully present. What does she do? Does she keep fighting for him? For them? Or does she walk away? Will he allow it?

You’re mine, Anna Grayson. Mine forever.

Having said that, I have some quibbles with some of the story details. I feel like there wasn’t must of a story. It felt like it was more of filling in the blanks from Shadow Man. Furthermore, when Anna was at the rehab centre and Viviana got the text message about Joseph’s connection’s room, how did they/she find out who the connection was? Why was Vi so obsessed with Anna? Did she want to recruit her into their organisation? Why couldn’t they be friends while she was with Joseph? I also felt like Anna’s suspicion of Vi came out of nowhere. Its one thing to be annoyed that your friend is bad talking your man but to suddenly feel weary of them is a bit iffy. I must admit I didn’t quite get how Vindicta was founded or how Emilio got associated with them, how he even survived or got away from the police that arrived at the warehouse (You need to read Santiago’s Trilogy to get what I’m talking about). (Maybe I missed something?) He is also sick, but from what? Also when Viv contacted Sophia, Dante’s island is supposed to be a fortress where only a handful of people actually know where it is, never mind just ringing the landline. How did Viv get hold of her? And how on earth did she managed to get out of Dante’s office let alone his house when she escaped from Sophia? And if she or anybody in their organisation has been to Dante’s island, how did she manage to get the intel on where the cameras were or were not on the island?

Anyway, when Emelio had Dante in the cage and he started sharing secrets, as soon as he said “let me tell you a story about two girls”, I thought

I thought to myself, why would Dante just take somebody’s word about something like that? Did Andrei lie to him? If not, since Andrei was in Dante’s corner and Vindicta wasn’t formed at the time I presume, how did Emelio have the pull to do that with the DNA forms? The end was a bit iffy for me. While I was glad for Dante and his daughter, who told Vi who she really was? I wanted to see that conversation. I didn’t like the abrupt end at all. Nonetheless the book was the shit. None of the things I said take away from how good it was. I loved how intense Joseph was, but at the same time,

His failure to deal with his past and emotions meant that he was insensitive to Anna’s. But it meant that the arguments were epic and the make ups even sweeter. And don’t let my review deter you from this book. I tend to dissect the shit out of books.

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