A Brand New Dark Romance Series by A. Zavarelli and Natasha Knight!

I was born with noble blood in my veins.

Heir to a powerful dynasty.

Wealth. Power. Aristocracy.

Temptations too dangerous to resist.

Until someone tried to steal it all.

Scarred and broken, I emerged from the flames.

Now I’ve returned to take what’s mine.


The first item on my agenda?
Make Ivy Moreno my wife.


Bend her until she breaks.

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Series: The Society Trilogy #1

My Rating: ★★★⋆

Honestly, for some reason because it seems every book lately is part of either a trilogy or a duet. Or is it just my luck? Either way I can’t take it. Every time I tell myself I won’t be reading trilogies again; I get sucked into it. but you know what? I regret nothing. Okay, maybe I wish I’d waited a bit till it was closer to the release of book 2 before I read this one but deep, deep down

I love me a bloody, elusive, dark mysterious and miserable bastard. And Santi was all that and more.

Following the death of his brother and father caused by an explosion, Santiago De La Rosa is left with a disfigured face and scars that make him look and feel like a monster. Upon his return from endless surgeries and hibernation, he’s out for revenge on the man he deemed responsible for the death of his family. Unfortunately, that man is in no position to be the recipient of that revenge, so that burden falls onto his daughter Ivy.

All Ivy has ever wanted was a simple life outside the influence of the IVI. While she knows its not possible, she can’t help but hope anyway. So when her brother forces her to marry a man 12 years her senior, she doesn’t understand why as her family is at the bottom of the packing order.

Under Santiago’s roof, she is abused, tormented, humiliated on a daily basis and she doesn’t understand why. While they are convinced of their hatred for one another, they can’t deny the attraction between them.

While I loved Santiago and his dark dominance, I cannot believe he relentlessly and ruthlessly pursued revenge against a man and his family without concrete evident of their crime. All that because of a gut feeling!

I found myself questioning Abel’s motives. I get he wants the esteem that comes with being associated with a man like Santiago, and surely an heir would do just that. So what’s with the birth control? And why would the Dr go along with it if he was so terrified of Santiago? Why would he side with a nobody like Abel and risk Santi’s wrath? This is book 1 so I’m sure all these questions will be answered in the next books. My rating is because since its a trilogy, it is set up really nicely for the next book, but didn’t have enough drama for me to make it a 4* read.

While the storyline itself is nothing original, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was easy to read and flowed rather seamlessly. The story is written from a dual POV but favoured Ivy a bit more. I am a bit curious about Mercedes’ love life though and what might become of her and Judge. I can’t wait for book 2.

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