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Series: Gravestone Elite #2

My Rating: ★★★★★

I have read every book Caitlyn has written and I have enjoyed every single one of them. But I have to say, this has got to be her best work yet. She was not fucking around when she wrote this book. I mean she brought the fire this time. I knew I would enjoy it because duh, its Caitlyn, but nothing and I do mean NOTHING prepared me for this.

I devoured it in one sitting and now I’m sitting here rocking in a corner nursing the mother of all book hangovers wondering what the fuck is up with that cliff-hanger. I’m telling you right now Caitlyn, Channing better not be dead.

We pick up where we left off with Shattered Legacy with the society secrets that everybody seems to be in on except Mia and Bex. A crazy ass Cade is drunk on power and sets out to orchestrates what Mia perceives as Bex’s sexapade from book one. Fortunately, Bex and Mia manage to sort through the bullshit and the chemistry between them is too strong to resist. And I was here for it, child.

Determined to get herself untangled from the web of whatthefuckery that has become her life, Mia sets out to find anything to use to blackmail Cade so she can be with the man she loves. She starts to find pieces of the puzzle, but for the life of her, she can’t fit them together. Together with Bex, they try everything to stop the inevitable future that lays ahead of them.

So many people are involved, and nobody wants to help them, so eventually they have to concede that what has to happen will happen. The betrayal by the people around them, from friends to family, despite the unexpected friendships that were forged in the process, there was just no fighting it and winning.

AHHH. I felt for them. The chemistry between them, the love between them, especially Bex’s for Mia, there was no missing it and his pain from having to watch his girl fall prey to that psycho was palpable.

I was glad to finally know what was up with James. If you’ve read the Rebels of Sterling Prep Series and have followed my reviews, you’ll know I’ve always been annoyed that I didn’t know what he was about it. Finally, I got my answer. But still

If Cade was the one who put Mia’s name in the magic box, what deal did the Q agree to then that involved Mia’s dad? Was it to use her as bait? Also how the fuck did Cade managed to do that without Q noticing? Aren’t they supposed to be invincible and all that? How did he get close enough to throw her name in there without anybody noticing? AND WHAT THE HELL IS THE END GAME? Who is Q indebted to that they have to pussyfoot around Cade?

As I said, lots of questions.

This book was the shit. Simmering revenge, pursuit of happily ever after that seems unlikely, sick twisted darkness that belongs in an asylum somewhere. I loved seeing Mia grown from that naïve girl in book one. She came to play this time around. I guess the love of a good man will do that to you. Shame she didn’t have a better mother. And that cliffhanger?

How am I even going to survive the wait. That’s the fucked up shit about ARCs. You have to wait for the release and then wait some more for the next book. I’ll tell you what else, she better be planning on writing Tim and Fawn’s story and she sure as hell better right Channing and Sasha’s story. I know that!

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