The Truth Pact is book one in The Truth About Love Duet, an emotional contemporary romance/women’s fiction hybrid.

Ryan Wells

Olivia North was everything I always wanted. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew nothing would stop me from having her. Not even being her professor. In the end, I got her. Got the white picket fence and historic home, too. But nothing could replace the babies we lost before they were ever born, or the sleepless nights that followed.

We made a pact once, in those early days of grief. We would always put each other first and be honest about everything. Because the only way through our mourning would be together. Until it wasn’t. When our last baby was stillborn, I was afraid I’d lose Olivia forever. The vibrant woman I’d married was slipping away under the weight of her unbearable pain. So, when Brighton Kerrington moves in next door to renovate his uncle’s property, and I see light return to those haunted blue eyes, what do I do? The one thing that could cost me my entire world.

I’d do anything to see Liv happy again—even if it means ripping my own heart in two to sew hers back together again. But when pleasure replaces pain, the truth exposes more than we bargained for. What was meant to bind us together in love might be the very thing that tears us apart.

They say the truth shall set you free. They never tell you the cost.

Trigger warning: The main character is actively dealing with the grief of having repeated miscarriages and a still birth in her near past.

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Series: The Truth about Love #1

My Rating: ★★★

This is my first book by this author, and I have to say, it took me by surprise. Its very rare that I read a book that leaves me pissed off at the end to a point where my review is more of a rant than an actual review. And I’m telling you now, this is a rant because I’m pissed off.

Let’s be clear. I’m not averse to the triggers associated with the story and I LOVE love-triangles something fierce. But I have to say I’m a bit bummed because I feel duped by the blurb. I really did not get what I expected from this story based on its blurb at all. Therefore, I have to say that has played a factor in my rating of the book. So, keep that in mind.

Anyway, we meet Olivia and Ryan Wells who are going through a really rough time in their marriage following the loss of their daughter and miscarriages. Ryan, try as he might to pull his wife out of the hole of depression that she has sunk into, he can’t seem to reach her. Therapy has failed, good old patience has failed. The man has tried everything.

Let’s start with what I loved.

Ryan loves his wife. That much was clear and it was also clear that he was committed to his marriage and was willing to put in the work necessary to make it work and his wife happy. The man would do anything to make her happy and get her back to a place where she actually lived rather than merely function. So when the nephew of their neighbour, Brighton moves in next door to renovate the house, Ryan makes friends with him. And then he does the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life.

Who does that? In what universe is that kind of proposal even remotely in the realms of necessary to fix any marital problem? From day one when Brighton and Liv meet, Ryan already knows something is up. You think he’d do all he can to keep his wife from this new hot neighbour, right?


I know. Oh, and it only gets worse. Then he comes up with the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. When he made that proposal to Brighton, I thought

I already knew it was going to backfire. I mean I know its fiction but even I could have told him it was a dumb idea.

Ryan’s stupidity aside, I hate Liv. Hate is a strong word yes, and Liv is not real, I know that. But I’m invested dammit.  I thought she was the most selfish person alive (in book world). Yes, she was hurting and I sympathize with her. But fuck! She didn’t loose that child alone. Ryan lost his child too. And that bitch lost sight of her husband completely. Refused therapy, never crossed her mind to seek a support group, try anything, anything at all to meet her husband halfway. I thought Ryan’s proposal ought to have been a wake up call for her about what her husband is willing to do for her, for just how desperate the man was to get her better, how much he loved her etc. But no. Instead, she decides it was a good idea and opportunity for her to explore her attraction to the neighbour. Then she has the nerve to not only confide in another man about her favourite fucking flowers, after letting her husband buy her the wrong fucking flowers for 8 FUCKING YEARS and not said a FUCKING THING, and then let him plant that shit in another man’s house. That should have been a no-no considering Ryan’s reaction to the flowers Brighton bought Liv when they started their bullshit sexapades. Then she also has the nerve to be upset after she fucked up to be angry at Ryan for not asking her what she was upset about when Brighton gave her that gift.

When has she asked Ryan how she felt about his loss? When? She fucked up and decides that while Ryan may have been the one to come up with that stupid idea, it was not up to him to end it. did you forget the bit where to agreed to that shit?  Then she broke her promise to a man who compromised himself for her benefit and then stood there and lied.

Let’s not forget said neighbour. Where does he get off being angry at another man for having an argument WITH HIS WIFE!! And then planting those fucking flowers in his yard knowing exactly what that meant?

While I think Ryan was just stupid for that proposal, I mean anybody with eyes knew it was a bad idea, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. As for Olivia and Brighton

I hope he leaves her bitch ass. She doesn’t deserve a man like that.

As I said, I’m having a rant. It was really hard to read this book. I started to read it and when I got to 25% I put it away deciding I couldn’t deal with the stupidity. But I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I went back to it. I do wish there had been more to the story. The whole thing revolved around Ryan’s stupidity; I wish there had been other people involved in their lives so we could get to know the characters better outside this agreement. I cannot wait for book two and I hope Olivia suffers greatly for her selfishness- like Ryan leave her or if she chooses Brighton over Ryan, then I hope he leave her after a year, so she’s alone, alone, alone and Ryan meets another woman who deserves him.

Yes, I know its only fiction, but

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