I came for war. I left with an obsession.
With one look, Isa captivated me. She consumed me, drawing me into her world without ever knowing the dangers of mine.
I intend to make her mine, no matter what lies I need to tell to manipulate her into falling in love with El Diablo. It should be simple enough, but secrets lurk in the depths of her multicolored eyes, and I’ll do anything to understand what broke her before I had the chance.
Because she’s mine to break.


Rafael Ibarra tore through my life like a raging inferno.
Consuming every part of me he touches, he promises to show me passion and the real Ibiza. Though our tryst can never be anything but temporary, I never want to leave the man who makes me wish things were different. But there’s a nightmare hiding within his multicolored gaze, a phantom rattling at the cages who wants to devour me, to take me and claim me as his.
He’s temptation, pushing me toward sin with his wicked touch. But the sins of the flesh are different from the sins of the mind, and as much as I hate his secrets.
I will never tell him my own.

Until Tomorrow Comes is the first book in the Beauty in Lies trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.

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Series: Beauty in Lies #1

My Rating:★★★★★

The Queen protects her King, no matter the cost.

We all know love is about want and desire. But at what point does that want and desire become an obsession? At what point does pursuit of that love become unacceptable? Some authors have that ability to write a story so good and resonant that you forget that you’re reading a fiction story; that you are in fact in love with a man from another woman’s imagination. And let me tell you, I want Rafael something fierce. The writing style and the story narrative in this book has tremendously improved since she wrote the Bellandi Series and I can’t wait for book two.

What are your intentions when you take her?

She’ll be my wife.

If you’ve read the Shielded Wrongs, you’ll remember we met Rafael then. Even then, to the Bellandi men, he was notorious for his ruthlessness and savagery. So when an accidental encounter with Isa leaves him tied in knots, he vows to make her his, whether she wanted him or not. He set out to manipulate her life, infiltrate it, protect her without her even knowing- officially declared her as his Queen while she didn’t even know she was wearing the crown.

Isa has lived her life in the straight and narrow trying to compensate for her twin sister’s shortcoming with their parents, working to help with the family bills, it has meant that she has not lived at all. So, when an unexpected trip to Ibiza is made available to her, she is excited and determined to try to live a little before she comes back home to reality. With that in mind, her path “crosses”, (but really orchestrated) with Rafael.

These two have an insta-attraction that neither of them can explain. Isa is sweet and innocent, and her disposition is to please people around her. Which is quite the opposite to the dominant, violent and in your face Rafael.

While I appreciated Rafael changing his plans on how he would get his hands of Isa, it seems too easy for me. The girl that landed in Ibiza was the opposite really to the girl that left Chicago. I mean she went from a sweet overly cautious, overly responsible Isa, to having no qualms about swanning off to a total stranger’s room, hot as he may have been on the same night. That’s a character flip if I ever saw one.

Similarly, I’m not convinced about Rafael’s love for Isa. There’s no doubt he’s obsessed with her. But I mean he literally said he couldn’t be bothered with women as he didn’t feel they were worth risking his life for. Literally the same day, he meets Isa and flips his whole narrative over and turn Isa’s life on its axis.

I could see how Isa got smitten with him once they met. He was very gentle with her even though the beast within him reared its head when Isa didn’t bend to his will as easily as he wanted. But was I convinced of their love? The jury is still out on that. When the opportunities presented themselves to allow the love to grow, Rafael’s dominance snuffed it and scared Isa away. To be honest, it was a bit unrealistic to expect her to fall in love with her within the 10 days and be willing to leave her family behind.

Also the impression I got of Rafael in the Bellandi series, was that he was as crazy as a motherfucker. Except maybe the first part in Until Memory Fades, he didn’t come through with his craziness. And I love me a good ol’ insane book husband.

Also, I didn’t find the story dark at all. Now this is a personal preference and I have to admit, I am jaded and have read some really fucked up shit. So very rarely do I think, “that was some crazy ass dark shit”. So keep that in mind when reading my review. It wasn’t dark, but it was not hearts and roses either. And honey, I loved every minute of it.

I can’t wait to see what Rafael does with Isa, what happened to Chloe and how she reacts to the betrayal by Hugo and his brothers. Also how did Chloe find out about Rafael? I still don’t understand what the beef was between Isa and her sister? And that story of how she got her scars and how it linked with Rafael’s mom’s death?

This is only the first book of this series, so maybe some of these questions will be answered in the subsequent books. In the meantime, it’s proven to be one of those books that I wish I didn’t read until the next book has been published because the wait is killing me.

In my world, the King always protects his Queen.

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