My husband. My tormentor.

The most notorious man in the city offers me a job.
Act as his dead wife.
Adrian Volkov isn’t the type of person who takes no for an answer.
He commands with an iron fist and all his orders are met.
When he approaches me with the offer, I have two options.
Go to prison or put myself under his wrath.
I choose to have a roof over my head. What’s so hard about acting, right?
The moment I step into his wife’s shoes, everything spirals out of control.
My only way of survival is through Adrian.
Or is it?

This book is part of a trilogy and is not standalone

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Series: Deception Trilogy #1

My Rating:★★★★

Have you ever read a book that you enjoyed so much but have no idea what actually went on? No? just me is it? that’s exactly what’s going on with me. I have no idea what the fuck went on in this book. If someone asked me to explain it to them, I wouldn’t know where to begin. What a mindfuck but I do know I loved every minute of it.

It makes no sense but seriously, I have no idea what I just read. Anyway, lets have a chat about it shall we?

My first and most important role in life is survival. I’m not living for myself. I’m living on behalf of my baby girl. For the life she couldn’t have.

Following the loss of her mother and child, Winter Cavanaugh finds herself homeless and living between a homeless shelter and the streets. When the director of the shelter gets handsy, she defends herself, but it later transpires that she was the last person to see him before he’s found dead the next day.

Winter is no longer Winter. She’s Lia. She took my wife’s life, and her punishment is spending the rest of her existence being Lia’s replacement.

She sets off to hide, but unbeknownst to her, all this is orchestrated by the second in command of the New York Bratva, Adrian Volkov. Following the recent “death” of his wife, Adrian seeks out Winter who happens to look so much like Lia to replace his late wife. No really. Replace as in swap her into her place like nobody will notice.

It’s a crazy idea, so naturally Winter refuses. But she really doesn’t have a choice considering all the events Adrian has set into motion and her minor problem of being homeless. She tries to fit into her new life and the best part about it, is the little boy Jeremy.

Winter is adamant and certain of who she is, but she continues to have really strange and vivid dreams or are they memories and everything and everyone seems to be familiar. From her having sex with Adrian and thinking its rape, the Shadow, when she saw the white dressed face at the guest house, was that real or simply her imagination? If it was real, how come when she eventually got into that room, whoever that was seem to be in a position to have stood at the window?

Furthermore, when Adrian spoke to Winter I found myself wondering if he knew that she wasn’t Lia. But judging by that cliffhanger, maybe he knew because he didn’t want to entertain the idea at all that Winter wasn’t Lia. If the cliffhanger is correct, then who is the guest room and how did she get there to be who everyone thinks she is? Are there two of them? How? And how on earth did Winter get away with the text messages from the Shadow on her phone that she got from Adrian? I mean considering his specialty in the Bratva, you would expect that he’d be on top of all her correspondence. Also why was the Shadow adamant that Winter was in Adrian’s life for a reason, yet throughout the book it seems liked Adrian took Winter because he blamed him for his wife’s death? Why was Lia leaving Adrian and he didn’t seem like a bad husband to Winter and if Winter was infact Lia? Basically,

As I said, I have questions. That cliffhanger though. I mean

I don’t even know what to say. This is the most mindfucking thing I’ve read in a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever read anything like it. If you like dark romances, this is an absolute must. I know my rating and my reviews a quite contradictory. But I genuinely have no idea what happened in this book, but I do know I loved every confusing minute of it.

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