Monsters are real…and that monster is my father.

Ten years ago, I surrendered. I thought I was doing the right thing. But lies and greed have once again destroyed my life, leaving me to deal with the aftermath.

This life has always been a curse, but the world as I know it has changed. Belfast isn’t what it used to be.

Alliances are broken. Kingdoms have fallen. But those who remain loyal see me as their rightful king.

With secrets unraveled, my need for vengeance grows stronger every day.

However, ten years is a long time. People have changed. I have changed. But the one thing that remains untouched is my love for Babydoll—I love her…even if she doesn’t feel the same.

I will take back what’s mine.

My kingdom.
My name.
And my girl.

Every monster is scared of somethin’…and that somethin’ is me.

No more hiding in the shadows because I’m huntin’ you…Father.

Run, wee monsters, run.

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Series: Deliver us From Evil #2

My Rating: ★★★★

This is the second book of Deliver Us from Evil Trilogy and I’ve been gagging for it. I forgot to sign up for the ARC and I’m not ashamed to admit that I went on my hands and knees and begged Monica for a hook up.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because I cant think of a way to review it without spoiling it for you.

So, we pick up where we left off with Thy Kingdom Come and the good news surrounding Punky’s arrest. Following the revelation pertaining his paternity and the betrayals that he’s recently discovered, the only thing on Punky’s mind was revenge, even if he had to make a deal with the devil himself. Surrounding all that, his girl was never far away from his mind.

While he didn’t expect his girl to have waited for him all these years, never in a million years did he expect that her moving on would be so close to home. Considering the danger that seems to forever follow him, he makes the decision to keep her safe by keeping his distance. However, that involves more lies and deceit. Loyalties are questioned and new ones forged, families divided, and friendships tested. Will they withstand the tests?

Despite all the turbulence and the uncertainly surrounding the future, one thing for certain was the chemistry between Babydoll and Punky. Try as they might to stay away from each other, their bodies and hearts had other ideas. Succumbing to them however proves to have been the start of unforeseen and potential catastrophic results, more betrayal and blood-shed and quite arguably the end of Punky the way we know him.

I really loved it. While it started a bit slow, and I have to admit I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the whole story being around the pursuit of loyal soldiers and killing of enemies. I wish there had been a lot more of Punky and Babydoll’s relationship playing out. The argument between the two of them following Babydoll’s discovery of the truth could have been more dramatic. What can I say, I love drama.

But I can’t deny the unputadonableness of it. I devoured it on one sitting and I can’t wait for the final book.

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