Betraying the most powerful man in New York wasn’t something I ever envisioned when I first started playing games with Winston Constantine. But he’s engaged in far more dangerous games than ours, and his enemies are out for blood.
Winston has my heart, the Morellis have incriminating photos, and I’m left with nothing except three stepbrothers who want to hurt me and a future in doubt. I knew Winston wouldn’t be my prince charming, but that didn’t stop me from falling for him.
After all, the slippers fit, and I let myself believe I’d be dancing with Winston forever.
Until too much truth comes to light.
Until I realize instead of ruling the board, I was just a pawn.
In the end, I have only one question. When his game with me is over, will I be able to pretend as if the glass slipper wasn’t a perfect fit?

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Series: Cinderella #3

My Rating: ★★★

Ever since that cliff-hanger in Prince Charming, I’ve been waiting for the conclusion of Winston and Ash’s story with bated breath, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I binge read the damn thing and didn’t come up for breath until I turned the last page.

Winston is still very much in denial of his feelings for Ash and his recent discovery doesn’t endear her to him. While I loved that he had the maturity to let her explain before he lost his shit, but I did find that he got over the “betrayal” rather quickly.

I’ve loved Winston throughout the series, and I loved how dominant he is, but I really did NOT LOVE how for all intents and purposes threw Ash to the wolves with that tape just to get a building back? Seriously? I know he convinced himself he doesn’t want her anymore but

Furthermore, while I admired Ash’s strength and really enjoyed her growth since book one, I was not convinced that anyone would have been able to react the way she did to that sort of scandal. She didn’t even try to hide away or anything for at least a day. I don’t know, maybe I’m being unfair, but I would have found it believable if she took at least one day off to lick her wounds especially because the whole of book two was about her enduring Leo in order to keep those tapes a secret. The idea that all her hard work could be thrown into her face like that, and she just shrug it off like its nothing is crazy to me. She should have moped about a bit, for a day at least and then got her bad-assery on the next day or something.

I don’t know what the issue is with her father, but that’s fucked up. As for Winston, how can Nate steal millions, and no one notice? I thought billionaires would be counting their money by the penny! Anyway, I was pleased for Ash that she didn’t cower to Winston’s mother and her power and that she learnt of her mother’s family. A lovely ending to a lovely story.

My biggest problem is that this series sort of ruined Secret Beast by Amelia Wilde for me because I couldn’t reconcile the whimpy, whiny man-boy that Leo was portrayed to be here with the beast and bad-ass that was in that book. I just couldn’t see it.

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