Our love was born in lies.

Mi reina captivated me. She burned me and claimed me as hers. I thought I’d be the one to own her, but there is no mistaking her claim on my soul.
When our lives burn to ash around us, our love will be strong enough to withstand the flames. Because the alternative is losing someone I won’t ever let go.
My wife.


Our love was born in blood.

El Diablo deceived me. He took me and marked me as his. He desecrated my soul, turning me into a nightmare to match the sins staining his own.
With the flames of our pasts consuming everything around us, our love is our only chance to find salvation. But his search for answers may come at a price I’m not willing to pay.
My love.

Until Retribution Burns is the third of four books in the Beauty in Lies trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.

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Series: Beauty in Lies #3

My Rating:★★★ ⋆

It has been amazing journey watching this author’s writing style change and grow in this series.

We pick up where we left off with that cliffhanger in Until Forever Ends with Isa’s freak-out surrounding that picture. The crazy keeps getting crazier, and the obsession keeps intensifying. This books basically takes us back in history and we delve deeper into not only Isa’s accident and Rafe’s childhood, but how the families crossed paths in the past and how they might relate to each other following Rafe and Isa’s marriage.

Rafael is still a lot. I love an alpha-hole as much as the next girl, but this man is a lot. He’s over-bearing, overwhelming, dare I say selfish too. He’s just over-everything. I get that he loves Isa but sometimes he was unfair. While he claimed to have her best interests at heart, it sometimes felt like he failed to empathize or even listen to anything that she wanted or thought about anything. He wanted everything from her, and he wanted it now, while he gave very little back. He kept secrets and God help Isa is she dared to react or feel deceived by him. When the details of that photo were revealed and Isa run away from him, did that really warrant a carving? Especially because he’s keeping secrets that are a lot more life-changing than anything she’s ever done. And I’m sure Isa won’t be allowed to process her feelings about them when she finally finds out or react in anyway at all.

Isa on the other hand, while I loved seeing her growth since she’s been with Rafe, I do wish she could grow a spine when dealing with him. She can’t seem to hold him accountable for anything. When she found out what Rafe did when she was unconscious, I expected more from her reaction. If someone did that to me, there would be hell to pay. If I couldn’t get to him, and clearly, she can’t get one over Rafe, I would fuck his shit up at least. You know, cut his designer suits into strips and set that shit on fire, slash his tyres, break a few windows, chug his whiskey down the drain, bust a few windows.

I know its juvenile but at least I won’t just exist and be a spectator in my own life like Isa and it would make me feel better. Do that a few times, it’s bound to change something.

I know Rafe wouldn’t have let it go on for long but fuck me, I sure would have tried. She just carried on like such a violation had not been visited upon her body.

Can I just say

Because without it, I don’t know what would become of these two and their marriage. Is Odina’s behaviour really simply because of what happened to them when they were kids? Her reaction seems way excessive for something like that. Did something else happen to her to cause such hatred and self-destructive behaviour? She’s a lot but I think what Rafe did in that cliff-hanger was fucked up.

But no bother, I’m sure Isa will forgive him easily enough.

Also, who’s charred body was in Isa’s dad car at the gate?

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