An Irish mobster with a brutal grudge.
An Italian mafia princess with a dark secret.
Two enemy empires joined in sacred marriage vows.
Let the hating games begin.

Author’s Note: There is a thirteen-page epilogue set in the future not included in the ARCs that will be in the digital and paperback versions.

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Series: Queens and Monsters #4

My Rating:★★★★

Plot summary

Reyna knows all too well the hardship of being a female in the mafia. She’s fought long and hard for her freedom and it’s not something she’ll get into easily ever again. Quite frankly her mind boggles at the people who marry willingly. When her niece is put in the same position she was, she’s determined that as much as she can, to spare her the horrors that she endured. But all her misconceptions are tried when she meets Spider, her nieces fiancé. Could he really be a good guy? Can she trust him with her?

We met spider in the last book, and I loved him then. But this time around he was better. Spider decides that an arranged marriage is what he needs after he suffered two heartbreaks. This way there are no risks of catching feelings. He wants a nice, quiet woman, who does what’s asked of her and lets him protect and provide for her. A little sex would be nice too. So imagine his surprise when he meet his new fiancé’s aunt and all his plans go tits up. His mind is telling him to run, but his body begs to differ. She’s everything he doesn’t want, she drives him insane, but God help him, she’s the living embodiment of his wet dreams. What to do, what to do.

My opinion.

I thought Sloane was funny and badass in Kage and Nat’s story, Ruthless Creatures, but she’s got nothing on Reyna. I am almost tempted to say it’s my favourite of the series, but the books are so different to each other it feels like comparing apples to oranges. This one was lighter, no darkness at all, bordering close to a rom-com than mafia. There was little, if any mafia action at all. Which honestly didn’t bother me enough to get my knickers in a twist.

Enjoyed learning more about him. I loved to see his bad-assery in action, but I enjoyed his lighter side as well. The banter between the characters was off the scale. I laughed throughout the first 50-60% of the book. I didn’t rate it 5* because I feel like the book was in 2-parts; before and after the wedding. And afterwards, not much seemed to happen to be fair. I loved some smut in my books and I tell you there was a lot of that in the second part of the book and it seemed like that’s all they did.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it. The pace was great, the writing style flawless, the characters really lovable. If you’re looking for a bad-ass heroin with serious lady balls, and a hero who doesn’t know what the hell hit him; this is for you.

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