A sinner met a saint,
Two worlds collided,
And everything burned.

I’ve done everything right.
Playing the part of the demure famiglia daughter,
And hiding my pain beneath makeup and pretty dresses.
But marrying a man ten years my senior?
Whose words cut like knives,
And lips taste like poison.
This is the one thing I can’t do.

I’ve done nothing right.
I’m not a virtuous man,
I balance on the line between light and dark.
My past is littered with sins,
Each of them is haunting me.
I’m not worthy of the angel with long hair and hazel eyes.
And yet, I’d burn the city to the ground to hold her in my arms.

What’s a sinner to do?

Hit the Author Up

Series: Sinners of New Orleans#1

My Rating: ★★

This was my first book by this author, and I have to say, the book flowed nicely and made for an easy ready. However, while the premise of the story had potential, I have to say, the execution was a bit meh.

We meet Lana who 3 years ago witnessed something that marked the beginning of the end of her life the way she knew it. Borne to cold, uncaring, neglectful and cruel parents, she is on her own in more ways that one. While she continues to hope for her parents to notice her, she finally realised just how much of pipe dream that is when her parents force her to marry a man who abuses her and treats her like scum. She feels invisible. Everybody seems not to notice her; accept Naz.

Lana is mafia princess, so definitely out of his league but Naz can’t help how drawn he is to her. But what can he give her when he’s merely a foot soldier and not even a made man, and perhaps most importantly, she is engaged to another more powerful man.

Lana is weighed down by depression at the prospect of the life that awaits her, and her lifeline seems to only lead to Naz’s doorstep. But what will they do to end up together? How can he compete with the power her family yields, the power her fiancé yields in order to get his girl?

While I enjoyed this book and the ease with which it read, there were far too many loopholes in the story for me. Some elements in the story were started and not developed further. For example, when John told Naz there had been a plan to help Lana incumbent on Sam’s dad being alive, it was never elaborated what the plan was and why it couldn’t go on without him; useless as it may be now. We’re told the that at some point in Lana’s childhood, her parents were loving, fun and attentive, then later its revealed that Lana’s mother didn’t in fact want kids to begin with as an explanation to her cruelty and indifference to her children. That doesn’t make sense. If she didn’t want children, wouldn’t she have been cruel and neglectful in their childhood and then grow into it and love them as they got older? Not the other way round. Also, what changed that caused her to go from loving mother to one who was content to watch her daughter beaten by a man? The characters were not well developed. Davis apparently had family that was as sadistic as he was. I mean the parents were there over Christmas when he choked Lana half to death. You mean to tell me they just watched that and were okay with it to a point where they walked out leaving them alone without a word spoken?

When Sam’s dad died, a man of such importance, there was no resolution as to who killed him. Sam was arrested and that was that. And John came into the picture, seemingly out of nowhere. Who was John? How did he fit into the picture with Sam? And why was he on Lana’s side? The time when Lana said her mother was practically stuck to her hip and she managed to get to Naz’s from Lily’s grave, you mean they wouldn’t have guessed where she had gone? All the other times she always seems to manage to get to Naz, despite the repeated assertion that she should stay away and that she was guarded to the teeth? The story lacked consistency. Either Lana was under lock and key and she couldn’t go anywhere, or she wasn’t. Pick one!


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