They call him the ice king.

Owen Montgomery is arrogant and unfeeling–with cold, haughty manners and a British accent sharper than any knife. I’ve been secretly in love with him for years, knowing there’s no way he could ever notice me, the scholarship girl. The poor girl. Until that night in Ibiza…until that night we taste each other’s kiss for the first time, and I learn what hot hungers the ice king keeps hidden from public view.

It’s also the night when I discover that after three years of sharing classes and even friends, Owen still has no idea who I am. None at all.

Pride stung, I vow to focus only on myself and my future in publishing. But little do I know that I’ve awakened an obsession in Owen that will soon outgrow the halls of Pembroke Prep and spill over into the real world.

Owen wants me, and he’ll stop at nothing to have me. And soon I find myself with an impossible choice. Do I pick the future I always wanted for myself?

Or do I choose the blueblood whose kisses are as brutal as his love?

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Series: Hell Fire Club #3

My Rating: ★★

UGGGG!!! Here we go again, once again the only one who didn’t get a 5* copy. I’ve been looking forward to this book since I read the one before.

I wanted to love these two, both as individuals and as a couple. And I just didn’t get either of them. They just fell flat for me. Let me tell you why.

Owen Montgomery as the blurb says is cold. While I get why he may be angry about his life seemingly never actually being his to live, I don’t get why he’s emotionally detached. He comes from a family where the parents love each other and while his mother is controlling, he’s not abused, and he certainly isn’t resentful of the future he’s expected to live; in fact he wants it. so again, why is he cold? I would expect the anger and the resentment from someone who is expected to do things that he doesn’t want to do, but he wants the legacy that is bestowed upon him. Is it really because he can’t go on a bender and has to be the responsible one of the siblings and his friends the reason for his demeanour? No! its not enough. He’s a dick for the thigs he said to Tanith. I found him to be a mentally weak, a confused character; alpha-wanna-be but also a boy.

However, the idea that they meet one time, kissed and the obsession ensues after that is crazy to me. I’m sorry but I didn’t believe it. I didn’t connect with their chemistry or their romance at all to be honest. While they may have had great sex, the emotional connection between the characters I felt was lacking. I guess that was the point; that Owen is emotionally stunted, but in that case I would have loved to see his emotional growth fleshed out more. The pull and push, the inner turmoil. All that would have been great to see.

I liked Tanith. I loved her go-getter attitude, her hardworking nature and her determination to succeed. But there was some overreaction and immaturity on her part as well. I mean to make a decision to accept an internship just because some guy hadn’t noticed you for 3 years? And then jump into bed with said guy once he gets hold of you after you swore blind that you were angry with them for disrespecting you that way was just

I don’t know. But don’t let me stop you from reading. Apparently, others found it to be a 5* read.

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