He walks the red carpet. She’s more familiar with vacuuming one.

When a scandal tarnishes the reputation of hot as hell A-lister, Patrick Walsh, he needs a reputation rescue, pronto.

Enter waitress Norah Peers–a nobody who’s average with a capital A. She’s available, dependable, and has sworn off men for the rest of her natural born life. In other words: the perfect match for a no-strings fake romance.

For the right amount of money, she can avoid waitressing and play the part of his dependable down-to-earth girlfriend. What she can’t avoid–dammit–is the growing steam between them.

But being hounded by the paparazzi and having your life dissected on social media is a panic attack in the making. And while Patrick might be a charming rogue on screen, in real life he’s a six-foot-two confusing, gorgeous, brooding grump, who keeps her at a distance . . . but also makes her feel like this bond between them might be more than just an act.

Being dumped on cue should be no big deal. Except being fake with Patrick is the realist relationship Norah has ever had. What’s a girl to do, but flip the script, and ask for a rematch made in Hollywood?

Hit the Author Up

Series: West Hollywood #1

My Rating:★★⋆

This is my fist book by this author, and I have to say I enjoyed the sweet, easy, light read, and Norah’s sense of humor was wicked.

” The thing is, I’d finally met a man who not only liked me, but he supported me and said he was proud of me. He actually listened when I got verbal diarrhea. Too bad we were fake.”

Patrick Walsh finds himself caught up in a scandal that threatened to tank his career as an A-list actor in Hollywood. In a bid to clear his name and somewhat endear himself to the public again, he takes drastic measures that will supposed to portray him, not only as a reformed man, but one that can be trustworthy again.  How to do that but through the “love” of a beautiful but ordinary woman. Therefore, Norah Peers.

Norah is a waitress at a restaurant that Patrick frequents. When Patrick proposes a once in a lifetime opportunity for Norah, she can’t miss the opportunity to better her life and take better care of her grandmother. But have they underestimated how messy things could get when feelings get involved? While both of them assert that relationships are not for them, will they stay or will they run when what should be fake starts to feel very real?

“Norah, I want to be here with you more than I want my next damn breath.”

I really enjoyed Norah. She was simple, sweet, wholesome and spoke her mind without fan-girling around Patrick. Paddy was broody, sexy, rich and every woman’s wet dream man. But the book was written only in Norah’s point of view with Patrick having said about five sentences the whole time. Which means I don’t feel like I got to know him at all. The other characters in the story I felt were not developed enough and their role not fully embedded into the lives of the main characters. E.g. Paddy’s parents just showed up one night, rambled about some stuff and went away.

I didn’t feel the angst between the characters as their feelings started to get involved in their contractual agreement. I would have loved to hear them struggle with crossing that line, some back and forth, before they decided that they loved each other. So, it felt like story was a bit rushed for me.

I did however enjoy it enough that I will read the rest of the series should I find myself in the mood for “book-palate cleanser” from my otherwise preferred dark romances.

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