From USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Jewel E. Ann comes a novel so heartfelt and real it redefines the meaning of love.

I’m the wrong guy in the right place the night I steal Tatum Bradshaw from another man. When she mistakes me for her blind date, I decide she deserves a man who shows up on time … like me. Emmett Riley, Mr. Punctual.

Once I confess my true identity and convince her I’m not a creep—just a thief—it’s only a matter of time before my sexy smile and quick wit claim her heart, her hand in marriage, and the perfect life.

Unfortunately, perfection is an illusion, like the promises of our wedding vows. No one can prepare for the unimaginable—the heartbreaking exception to all the rules in life.

When thirty seconds destroys everything, I have to find a new existence and keep my promise to always love our daughter, Lucy, the most.

For Lucy, I will keep a secret, and I will watch my wife drift into the arms of another man.

Given the chance … can I reclaim my wife and the pieces of our life?

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My Rating:★★★

For Lucy is a story of a man, husband and father set to keep a promise he made to his wife, but never anticipated that in keeping that promise he will lose everything. A story of heartbreak, loss, frustration, love, deception, and forgiveness that focuses on serious issues in a way that leaves the reader with a lingering emotional effect yet entertained and thoroughly educated on a matter that most parents never contemplate in their journey of parenthood.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet. We meet Emmitt and Tatum who after 12 years have called curtains on their marriage following the loss of their son. Emmitt in his quest to protect his daughter and indirectly his wife, lies about the details of the circumstances of his death. The emotional burden proves too much to handle for a bond that for all intents and purposes seem unbreakable.

I really loved the subject matter of the story and FELT ALL THE FEELS IN IT, the book was written in Emmitt’s point of view only and I, therefore, feel like I don’t really know Tatum. While I respected and understand Emmitt for the decision he made, I’m not sure it was such a good idea. And to let it go on for so many years was baffling to me and the ease and speed with which they made that decision about their marriage following such an event, having not even tried to move on together, seek help, anything was just crazy to me. I don’t feel like there was enough time to process such a tragedy before such a drastic decision was made.

As for Tatum, I don’t really know her well, but what I do know I found rather selfish. I get she was mourning etc but the 180 degree change in her behaviour and attitude towards Emmitt following Lucy’s accident was

And Emmitt was just too understanding he was almost not human. All the shit that went down, I don’t feel like even he had every right, never lost his shit. Then again that could be perceived as an example and lesson in mercy. But I do love a bit of drama in my books, and I would have loved to see some loose my shit kind of moments. The martyrdom got old for me.

When it all became clear at the end; the reasons for why things happened they were they did, yeah I wasn’t sold on that. I felt like it was just a big decision to make based on miscommunication, or lack of communication at all.  I wish the reasons would have been mentioned sooner in the book instead of left for the end. And I would have loved to see the aftermath of the revelation of the secret. How the families responded and their journey to reconciliation especially because a good portion of the story they were not.

I did however enjoy it and had me thinking about my attitude towards swimming pools and my children.

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