I don’t deserve her forgiveness, but I can’t stop fighting for it.

Bay ran from me four years ago and I can’t blame her. I broke her heart and my own with one split second mistake.

Now we’re thrown together for four weeks. Training camp after the draft is the final step to cement my pro football careers, but after seeing her again, she’s the only future I want.

If I were a better guy, I’d walk away and let her live her life. Maybe I haven’t learned my lesson yet because I can’t stop thinking about her. And I won’t stop until she knows how much I still love her.

The sins of my past are hard to run from, but I’ll battle every single one, if it means one more chance with her.

The Sin of Kissing You is the second book in the new Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy.

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Series: Falling Trilogy #2

My Rating:★★★

We pick up where we left off in The Art of Falling for you with Dare and Bay. When their paths cross again, Dare sees this as an opportunity he never dreamed of having again-a chance to get his girl back. But Bay is having none of it. The anger and hurt from all those years ago weigh heavy on her heart and she just wants to move on.

In this book, I loved Dare something fierce. Saddled with the loss of the love of his life, the constant fear of his past rearing its head and fucking up his future, he is determined to change and goes as far as to change his name to Keyton. But is that change really enough to untie the shackles of his past? Especially with the kind of baggage tying him down-baggage that he won’t even acknowledge exist. One thing for sure, the man loves Bay and he is absolutely loyal, strong and determined to get back what he lost.

Bay…I have to say I fell out of love with her in this book. That sweet, innocent, considerate girl from book one is well and truly gone. Replaced by a very selfish woman. She really took Keyton for granted. Had him risking his future for her. Claimed to feel bad for making the man go here, there and yonder with her so she can achieve her dreams but did fuck all to stop him and put a pause on the matter. Once she’s set and her life is straight, she has the nerve to say he’s too much into her, then decides she no longer needed him.

When she had her demons, that man practically handheld her through the whole thing. When he needed her, she decided it wasn’t her job to do that.

I really think Keyton deserved better, and I really hope in book three he gets a break. That man has been struggling all his life and he just can’t seem to catch a break personally or professionally. The way Bay left things was cowardice and fucked up. I hope she lives to regret it and she better come grovelling on her fucking hands and knees in the next book. Fuck a part of me wishes her I-can’t-sing-unless-Dare-is-there disease comes back. But

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