He thought making me pay was the answer.
But he has just as much blood on his hands as I do.

After seven years, Luther Evans came back for me.
He tore my life apart piece by piece, set on evening the score for what I’d done to his sister.
But I had a weapon of my own—the truth, which revealed that Luther isn’t as innocent as he believes he is.
His violence planted a seed of hate.
His callousness pushed me into the same darkness that dwelled inside of him.
And now, I was his perfect little monster to carry out the new part of his plan.
In order to save my own life, I had to make a blood sacrifice.
But I also had a hit list of my own.
The streets of Miami will be stained with blood by the time this is over—and no one would be safe.

Including him.

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Series:The Vengeance of Luther #2

My Rating: ★★★

After I stumbled into book one of this series on my KU, I couldn’t wait to get into book two. There’s something about the dark whatthefuckery that’s in this series that just sucked me in.

We pick up where we left off with The Destruction of Sevyn. Luther is still set on revenge for the death of his sister. But before all that, he is determined to get the truth from Sevyn about what went on between her and Logan to set her off like that. But when the truth is finally revealed he’s not ready for it and unfortunately the whole revenge plan goes to hell in a hand basket. The feeling of rejection Luther suffers from his mother, feelings of love he has, or so he claims for Sevyn that he finally allows himself to feel are all too much for him. The despair and betrayal are too much and risk the strength of his relationship with his brothers. Is their bond strong enough though or are Sevyn’s actions what finally breaks them apart?

I have to admit that I could have done with a bit of background still on the characters lives. I don’t get Luther and his mother’s relationship. The ease with which they gave up on each other was crazy to me. The history of the brotherhood remains yet another mystery. The Brotherhood of Vengeance too. Was it something that was formed by Luther or was it a college version of the one Ryan’s dad was a part of? There is definitely no romance in this book I have to say. While Sevyn may actually have feelings for Luther, and Luther may claim to have had them or even still have a semblance of them, I’m not sure if he’s mugging her off or not.

While I enjoyed the story, I didn’t as much as I did book one. I think its partly because it wasn’t as dark as book one, and the questions I had in book one still remain unanswered. Luther was confusing the hell out me. The back and forth and the uncertainty as to his true feelings was giving me whiplash. I don’t know. But there’s something missing or that failed to just tie the whole thing together. But that cliffhanger was life. I wonder what Luther is going to do. How he’s going to get out of the mess he got himself into alone and what Sevyn will do now. I can’t wait.

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