I am a Sovereign Son. A king within The Society.
With a look I send men to their knees.

Yet she stands tall against me, taunting me with her rebellion.
But we all have rules we must live by.
Even me.
And I have broken the most sacred.

I took her to my bed.
I claimed that which did not belong to me.
And now that the beast within has had a taste, it wants more.

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Series: The Rite Trilogy #2

My Rating: ★★★★

There is something about the IVI world that is all consuming. That captures you and keeps you entrenched in the story from the first to the very last page. If you’re looking for the heat, the drama, the sex, violence and suspense, this trilogy is the one for you.

You wouldn’t be able to rescue me, Judge. Not anymore. I’ve always known it would be up to me to rescue myself.

We pick up where we left off with His Rite but this time around Mercedes has growth up. She finally makes a decision to love herself, respect herself after every man in her life disappoints and humiliates her. Judge is just the latest in that long list.

In this book she comes out of her shell or shall I say her cloak. The red lipstick, designer clothes and red bottoms that she has wielded like an amour and weapon for years, are finally too heavy for her. The layers of her character are peeled back, revealing a strong, lovable, damaged but determined woman who you can’t help but love her.

I took you because I couldn’t help myself.” The confession spills free on a ragged breath. “Because you are so goddamn addictive, you’ve fucking cursed me the way you curse all men, little monster.

On the other hand, Judge is dealing with the one thing he’s avoided like the plague…feelings. He’s feeling too much. Too guilty. Too angry. Something perilous close to love. His past is revealed and in so doing make him seem more human. The dark, calculated, reserved and brooding man reveal a side to him that gave me all the feels. What he is, what he has always been and had intended to always be, is being tested by Mercedes’ presence. This is not what he wanted but damming if it’s not what he needs. But he refuses to go down without a fight. So, he fights because regardless of his feelings, Mercedes is not his. She will meet another. She will marry another. And he will have to let her. Because she is not his. Or is she?

I loved that the story covered some of the things I winged about in book one. The twist and turns were plenty and the moments of frustration just as plenty. There were plenty of times I just wished Judged would get his shit together. But the kind of secrets that are being kept now? I can’t wait for the conclusion. Will Judge be happy? Will he even live long enough to have an opinion of the matter when Santiago gets his hands on him?

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