My sins will be her penance
A Corrupt Gods prequel

I came to this college for one reason—her.
A cartel princess.
Mexican royalty.
Sworn enemy of the Colombian ranks I’m destined to climb.

I’m meant to hate her.
Destroy her name and sacrifice her innocence.
But Lola Carrera isn’t the delicate flower her family thinks she is.
And I just took a match to her ivory tower.

Obsession is a loaded gun…
And tonight, she’s waging war with my patience.

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Series: Corrupt Gods Duet Prequel

My Rating:★★★★★

There’s nothing more satisfying that reading a new book on an interconnected series and just recognising the characters from an older series. When the penny dropped on who Sam is and who his parents were from Devils and Dust, I fangirled the fuck out.

One this is very wrong with this book. And that is…it’s a novella. Honestly, I wish they’d just skipped the whole novella thing and gone straight to the main event. Because now I’m here rocking in a corner with a messed-up blend of withdrawals and head spin because it ended too quickly. I love that the questions I had surround their relationship in Bad Blood was answered.

I loved the pace and the structure of the story. You had enough to leave you feeling like you almost had a full story, but not enough that you know it’s a novella and gagging for more.  The chemistry between Lola and Sam was fire, the forbidden cat and mouse game they had going on. UGG. I’m here for it and I can’t wait for the full story because I’m rooting for them. I’m hoping that what becomes of Santi and Thalia is what opens the gates of opportunity for them.

While I love these second-generation series, I hate the idea of Santiago aging. I mean he’s in his 50s in this book. What the fuck? In my head he’s still that 30-something hot, sexy, hunk of a man from Santiago’s trilogy and they keep fucking him up by aging him. Just leave him alone.

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