Carnal (adjective):
1) Relating to the pleasures of the body
2) Given to sensual indulgence
3) The man who kidnapped me

The devil has blue eyes, an Irish accent, and a hatred for me that runs deep.

He blames me for starting a war. Consorting with his enemies. Getting his men killed. Though I’m innocent on all charges, he wants his pound of flesh. With an eye on revenge, he makes me his captive.

But as we’ll both soon discover, there are more powerful urges than that for revenge.

When the devil meets his match but she’s his sworn enemy, that’s when the real war begins.

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Series: Queens and Monsters #2

My Rating:★★★

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. And the most massive characters are seared with scars.

JT has quickly made it into my auto-buy list of authors. Plus I’ve been waiting for Sloane’s book since we first met her in Ruthless Creatures. So you already know as soon as it dropped into my kindle I was on it like white on rice.

The Queens and Monsters series continue with Sloane and Declan’s story with JT once again flexing her badassery heroines and salvage, sexy as hell alpha hero’s writing chops.

We pick up where we left off in Ruthless Creatures with Sloane visiting her sister-friend Nat in New York when things take an unexpected turn. When Sloane wakes up in rather precarious circumstances, her mouth as usually spews out the most unexpected things. Where most (sane) people would beg, bargain and cry for their lives, Sloane takes her situation in strides, something akin to a vaykay.

So, lets start with what I loved.

I loved her mouth. The shit that came out of her mouth were hilarious. So much so that even gangsters would contemplate suicide just to escape her. I loved her easy-going demeanour, she was smart, fiercely independent and loyal, kind but also badass.

Declan was definitely an alpha through and through. He was smart and always ready with a rebuttal to Sloane’s crazy verbal diarrhoea although he did contemplate killing himself a few times because of her.

Now what I didn’t like.

I have to say, having read the first book in this series, this book turned out to be nothing I expected. I expected it to be as dark, as mafia-y as the other book. I did not expect to spend so much time laughing and baffled by the things that came out of Sloane’s mouth. And for that reason, I feel a bit disappointed because rom-coms are not my jam. That’s not what I wanted when I went into it. So, it felt like a weird but beautiful marriage of a rom-com and mafia romance because that’s what Declan was.

I also felt like the story could have been better. The angst, romantic build up and chemistry between the characters was lacking for me. While Declan was supposed to be mafia, nothing mafia happened at all. In fact we hardly saw Declan. And when we did it was for a continuation of Sloane’s conversation or/and train of thought and then we’d go back to Sloane. So, I feel like I didn’t really get to know him at all. We never went with him to work, so when he wasn’t with Sloane, we don’t know what he got up to. We’d just get a report, sometimes of what happened or that something happened but didn’t go on the journey with him. I didn’t like that.

What really kept it from being a 5* for me was that I did not like that we had to wait till the last 2 or 3 chapters of the book to find out their background and reasons for who they were. It just felt I spent 90% of the book with people I didn’t know. Then everything revealed at once, then the end. And while I loved Sloane’s easy going out look on life, her reaction to somethings was a bit unrealistic, especially at the end when he found out what Declan really gets up to. There was no discussion whatsoever or trepidations about the implications of his job occupation versus her relationship with Nat considering what her future husband was. I don’t know. I feel like at least she should have lost her shit when she found out that the man she loved lied to her about the most basic of things, a discussion about it surely.  And I REALLY didn’t like what Declan did for a living, I mean his real job. I wanted him as bad as the devil himself.

There was so much to unpack with the mafia side of the story and the war that Sloane supposedly started. I found the characters rather forgettable compared to that of Kade and Nat.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. A lot of my review is based on personal preferences. As I said, I prefer dark romances, comedy is not my thing, although a bit of banter is fine. Did I love it though? No, but I can’t wait to see what Kade gets up to with loaded cliffhanger and how the girls I going to deal with the impending war between their husbands-to-be.

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