A bet turned into a disaster.

Sebastian Weaver is the star quarterback and the college’s heartthrob.
Rich. Handsome. Bastard.
Everyone’s attention flocked toward him and all the girls dreamed to be with him.
Not me.
At least, not until he made a move on me.
See, I thought I was stronger than Sebastian’s charms.
I thought I could survive being his target.
I thought wrong.
Little did I know that he will make my most twisted fantasies come true.
Fantasies I didn’t know existed…

Red Thorns is a dark new adult book that contains dubious situations some readers might find offensive and/or triggering.

This book is part of a duet and is not standalone.

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Series: Thorns Duet #1

My Rating:★★★★⋆

Can I just start by saying one thing; this is not for the faint hearted. If you’re one of those people that ignore trigger warnings, this is not the book to do that with, especially if your triggers are surrounding sexual matters.  Anyway, let’s get to it.

Set in the prestigious Blackwood College where the children of the 1% go and the line between what’s right and morally right are non-existent, Rina takes us on a journey of the quiet, keep-to-myself, but by no means no damsel in distress Naomi Chester, and the heartthrob, football quarterback, dark, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Sebastian Weaver.

Naomi is part of the cheerleading squared, which she hates with every fibre of her being. But in a bid to appease her mother who deems it necessary as a Japanese descended to fit in the narrative, seek validation and acceptance by her white counterpart, she bears and grins it.  While she herself doesn’t care for it, she does care for her mother enough to indulge despite her feelings. Her whole high school and college life, she has rebelled against the grain of society, kept to herself; not necessarily go out of her way to fade into the background, but not particularly cared to stand out.

So, imagine her surprise when the hottest, richest, most prestigious and most popular football player suddenly shows an interest in her. Coming from a family where the responsibility that comes with your surname surpasses all and everything else, Sebastian is expected to conduct himself in a certain way, so as to live up to and prepare for a future that is paved and expected of him; whether he likes it or not. But there’s a darkness in Seb that he has fought for years to suppress; partly because he thinks the world can’t handle it but also because his grandparents won’t approve.

When a childish game results in him setting his sights on Naomi, what started as fun and games suddenly changes into feelings so intense, acceptance so pronounce that life without her seems not worth living, when he feels like finally his darkness and demons have found a place where they can unleash freely and without reservation.

OMG! I devoured this book in one sitting. I loved how strong Naomi was and how confident she was in who she was in front of the racist assholes. I loved how she wasn’t afraid to be alone, while she was lonely, I found it refreshing that she wasn’t falling apart at the seams or lacking in self-confidence because she didn’t have a lot of friends.

Sebastian was crazy dark and his kink or should I say their kink was crazy out there. The story was full of mystery, the pace was quick and didn’t lag in between. There was enough drama and whatthefuckery to keep you engrossed throughout the whole thing. There are so many questions that I am looking forward to book two to get the answers for; especially how Seb is going to navigate the grandparents v Naomi battle that I’m sure will inevitably face. I have to admit I’m still confused as to what exactly happened on those “red nights” in Naomi and Seb’s lives. I could have done with some more detail surrounding that little nugget. But honestly, the story was so good I’m not all that bothered. That cliffhanger…it seems Naomi’s family is going to being the fire in book two. I can’t wait.

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