In secrets we trust.
Since the moment I first laid eyes on Isa, I knew she would be mine. Our pasts are entwined, our sins connected in ways we never could have foreseen.
But Isa still doesn’t know the truth, and my secrets and my enemies will tear us apart if she doesn’t trust me to shield her from the flames.


In promises we doubt.
Since the moment Rafael approached me, I knew he would destroy me. Our love is built on secrets, on manipulation and lies that threaten to tear us apart at every turn.
Rafe’s enemies are closing in, demanding payment for the blood he’s spilled. But it isn’t his life at stake.
It’s mine.

Until Death Do Us Part is the final book in the Beauty in Lies series. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.
Note: Until Death Do Us Part will likely release early.

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Series: Beauty in Lies #4

My Rating:★★★★⋆

Wow. What a fantastic conclusion to what has been a fantastic series. Talking about going out with a bang! Adelaide has grown so much as an author since the Bellandi series. And I’m loving it

Death, betrayal, revenge, secrets? Why, Yes. Thank you, ma’am.

You already know I’ve been fucking with that son of a bitch Rafael since book one. And he has continued to be an absolutely love to hate, sadistic, over the top bastard throughout the whole series. And I, for one, am here for it.

In this book we see Isa’s transformation from the timid, soft young girl in book one, into a true Reina. Fit to stand along side the king of the underworld, himself El Diablo. I have to admit, I didn’t like that.  I know. Strange right? I really didn’t like that. I would have rather seen her grown and strengthen mentally and emotionally yes, while she retained her innocence to curtail some of Rafe’s crazy, rather than her go down to his level. But that’s neither here nor there.

When her life is in danger, we once again see the devil come out to play. His single-minder intent and absolute devotion to her is undoubtable and I was here for it. I loved how well Rafe knows his wife. And I know a lot of authors talk about how couple “feel” each other before they see the other. But in this story, its believable. The way he explains himself, how he can spot his wife in a crown of many who look like her, and it was realistic. I loved to see the softer side of Rafe. Earlier in their relationship, he wouldn’t have even entertained Isa’s request when dealing with Odina. Nothing better than seeing a hard man like Rafe, getting in touch with his softer side for his woman.

“The Queen always protects her fucking King.”

Despite my little gripe about how Isa turned out, I loved seeing her coming out to play. She proved to be a survivor, a warrior and protector of her man and child. Through the hell that Rafe put her through, the hell that his enemies put her through, she still kept getting up and fighting. I have to admit I was annoyed at her for forgiving yet more of Rafe’s fuck ups so easily in this book. But honestly, with a man like that, I suppose at some point you get tired of putting up a fight.

If you’re looking for a dark love story, full of whatthefuckery, jaw dropping moment, and pantie dropping steam. THIS. IS. IT!

As a side note, I really really hope she intends to right the Cortes brothers’ story. There’s a hit in the epilogue of Gabriel’s wife and I hope there’s a story there between Leo and Anastasia.

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