My history is forbidden.
My story, dark and twisted.
My future decided.

I know I don’t belong in this decadent world—his world.
Money, power, and dark secrets surround me now.
I submit to it all to be his perfect obedient wife.

They stalk my every move, watching me, judging me.
I’m in the same prison just with different guards.
But all I care about is him.
His eyes, his touch, his hold over me.
I’m forever his kept bride, even though they all try to steal me away.

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Series:The Secret Bride Trilogy #2

My Rating: ★★★⋆

We pick up where we left off in the Captive Bride in this gritty story of survival, perseverance and love when our couple finally set themselves free from the shackles of the life they were forced to live with the deranged Richard.

Ember is overwhelmed by her new life. When she finally learns the truth about who she really is and what has become of her mother, she realises that she has truly lived a lie for twenty years. She feels untethered, out of place, scared, suffocated and insecure in her new life with a man she believes is her husband. Does he really want her? If not, where will she go? Will she ever fit in? Will she move on, if so to what and how? These questions plague her psyche day and night as she learns to live in a world and a life she’s only read in books. But nobody knowing Richard’s whereabouts, the poor girl is scared.

Meanwhile Christopher appears to be taking to his old, new life like duck to water. He gets his job back, his mother, his friends. Basically, he has his life back pretty much the way it was if Ember wasn’t in tow.

This had the hallmarks of a 5+ star read for me, but the book was way too short. The pace was good but for some reason a lot of it was rushed; some aspects could have done with some real fleshing out. Some instances it almost felt too jumpy from one scene to another, so the fleshy and joining events were missing. For example, it would have been nice to see the therapy sessions and whatever else they did in between the moments of big activities. Just to be a part of their everyday life a bit more.

I had a love/hate relationship with Chris in this book. I loved that he rode with Ember for real and was committed to her and their marriage. But I hated that he often lost sight of her a lot. For example, when they first arrived, he made the decision and choice to do all the interviews, speak to their media etc and never asked if she wanted to do it at all. I hated that he just went back to his life and just expected her to just exist in his mother’s house and just figure it out, move on and dare not mentioned her past life; a life she lived for 20 years, especially as he didn’t really need to work financially. He had enough money to stay at home with her for a lot longer and make sure she’s straight before he went back to work. I especially hated him when he lost his shit over Ember’s freak out when that bitch Louisa did that shit. The fact that she has had these incidents three times while he was out of town working, should be a sign for him to stay his ass at home.

I can’t believe that Louisa would do such a thing to another person who is obviously mentally scarred. Oh that cliff-hanger.

does it mean what I think it means with regards to Richard? If not, how on earth did she get that book? Hell, how did she find him? It blows my mind that she thinks without Ember there, Christopher is just going to shrug his shoulders and go “oh, well. I guess I’ll fuck with Marissa now?”. Who does that? Basically, Louisa is a bitch. And what the fuck was up with Michael? I hated Ember’s reaction to what Michael did. I mean someone attempts to hurt you like that, its crazy to just brush it off as “oh, well. We all sin.” No fuck that. That’s another thing that really could have done with some fleshing out. The Michael from the restaurant to suddenly, and quite literally out of the blue turn into the Michael at that party, what the fuck is that about? We need more information. All in all, kids, the message about Louisa and Michael is

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