It wasn’t love at first sight. That would be too easy.

I can tell you all the reasons Paige and I shouldn’t be together.
But love overlooks a lot.

My heart doesn’t care that I’m ten years older.
There’s no age gap in how she makes me feel.

My heart doesn’t care that she’s a single mother.
It just makes more room.

My heart doesn’t care that she’s got secrets of her own.
It’s used to keeping mine.

The moment I laid eyes on Paige, I lost control.
Control of my desires. Control of my secrets. Control of my heart.

Right or wrong, we’re going to have to fight for our happily ever after.
And I don’t plan on losing.

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Series: N/A

My Rating:★⋆

Man, the blurb just suckered me in. I thought age-gap? Yes please. Throw in some forbidden in there and in for a winner. It turns out were not.

I really wanted to love this book. Honestly, it seems I’m the black sheep of the book community on this one since everybody seems to have gotten a 5* copy. When the book landed on my kindle to say I was excited is an understatement, the blurb promised the book would be off the chart. I mean who doesn’t like an age gap, with some forbidden romance thrown in there.

So when I started the book, I was excited. And the first 10% or so I thought okay, this is setting us up for some crazy as shit. So I kept reading…

And reading…

And reading…

And reading some more.

By the time I got to 50% all I knew was there was a secret that the Paige and Slade were keeping from each other and looking forward to the big reveal, right?

First of all, the story was just ridiculous. While I admired what the Paige had done, absolutely nothing happened in her life. The inconsistencies in the story were shocking. At one point Paige told Slade she’s never had sex for pleasure. It’s only ever been for survival. Later, she turns around and claims that she has never in fact had to have sex to survive. That the night they were was the first time she attempted something like that. So, throughout the book, she not only lied to Slade, but apparently to herself and did and bait and switch on us. Well, which one is it?

Secondly, the secrets they were keeping were just the most ridiculous element about the book. When the Slade’s secret was finally revealed, my reaction was

Surely not. But alas. It was.

So, the story went on and on, and on again this time were chasing Paige’s secret. Throughout the book, her past was played out, and I had an inclination as to what might have happened to her to end up with the baby. That, as predictable as it may have been might have been the better option to what supposedly happened.

The fact that we had to read until 95% of the book to find out a secret that was so anticlimactic was a tragedy.

To top that off, in my humble opinions the characters were boring as fuck. They did nothing all day. She looked after the baby and the horses. He went to work somewhere and occasionally came back for a cup of coffee. The idea that they fell in love is crazy to me because they spend no time together, the passion and the chemistry were lacking. I don’t know if it was supposed to be insta-love, but that was a failure of epic proportions. Then Catrine, apparently develops some sort of superpower where she can suddenly have an “off” feeling about someone. Based on what exactly? Especially because they hadn’t seen each other since she went into labour, and prior to that they were friends. Not just friends, but she had been the one to advocate for them to get together from day one. Now she’s accusing her of trapping Slade?

And Slade finally found out that there is secret that could totally blow their relationship apart, rather than get to the bottom of it, he thinks, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll propose to her”.

While the premise of the story was great, it fell short on execution for me.

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