I’ve waited three long years for this…

Hiding. Lying. Spying.

Waiting like a spider for her to wander into my web…

Now she’s here, and I have to get even closer to her. I’ll help her. Befriend her. Seduce her, even.

The only thing I can’t do is fall in love with her.

Her father took everything from me: my money, my family, my life.

He has to pay for what he’s done. And she’s the only thing that can hurt him…

The Lark Notes:
I’ve been planting clues and Easter Eggs all the way through the first three Kingmakers books — now it’s time for the secrets to be revealed, and the mysteries to find their conclusions. The moment you finish “The Spy”, you’re going to want to go back and read the whole series all over again! – Sophie

“The Spy” is the final installment in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series. It’s a forbidden romance, full of mystery, betrayal, and an explosive conclusion that will give you the biggest book hangover of your life!

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Series: Kingmakers #4

My Rating: ★★★

I’ve been looking forward to this book so much and I was really looking forward to finding out who the Spy is. I took a guess, but I was absolutely wrong.

I’ve been sitting on this review for five days because, while I really enjoyed it, I have to admit it fell short of my expectations. Maybe that was my fault? Maybe it was the author’s for setting the bar so high, ergo my expectations so high with The Bully? Because that book was the shit. This one I’m afraid didn’t hit me the way, the way.

Nix Moroz was raised by her father following the death of her mother. Her father is overprotective to the point of overbearing. When she turns 18, she decides that she wants to live a little and embark on a journey of self-discovery, and that journey included going to Kingsmaker. Reluctantly her father agrees. When she gets there, her journey is nothing like she expected. The foundations of her life, her father’s life and business are upended by what she discovers there. Having been labelled the social pariah at school, she finds friendship in Ares.

Ares has been the quiet one of this friendship group throughout the series. But is his quietness really his nature or is he hiding something? Weighed down by his family’s expectations of him, Ares is angry and tired of the way he’s lived his life the last three years. When the opportunity he’s been waiting for finally presents itself, suddenly revenge is not as easy as he thought. Feelings get involved where they shouldn’t, but family loyalties require sacrifices. Will he follow through with the plan 4 years in the making or will he charter a different path?

Let’s start with what I liked.

I love Sophie’s writing style. It’s easy to read and I suspect it’s the break-up of text in her books. Its just makes for a better reading experience. I loved the mental and physical strength that was portrayed in Nix. I loved that for a change, the heroin wasn’t soft, prim and proper but was rather a tough and physically strong woman. I loved the twists, turns and shocking reveals throughout the whole story.

Now, to what I didn’t like.

I really was not convinced of the romance between these two. The chemistry was just not there for me. For some reason I just couldn’t connect with Nix. I really, really didn’t like the incorporation of other characters stories in this story. I felt like it took away from these story as it required jumping in and out of it. Hedeon deserved and should have gotten his own book, so should have Sabrina and Adrik. Squeezing in their stories here just didn’t work for me.

But other than that, I really enjoyed the series and im kinda sad to see the end of it.

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