Secrets must be kept.
Vows never broken.
Till death do us part…

Unless everything changes.
Captive in one life…
Kept in another…
Taken to now be the wife I am forced to be.

I’m hidden away to face a dark reality only a few can survive.
But I have a purpose now. I can be the good wife I strive to be.
But he still wants me.
He will hunt me down.
He will find me and take back what was stolen.
I will be his wife if he has to fight until the death to make it happen.

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Series:The Secret Bride Trilogy #3

My Rating: ★★★⋆

We pick up where we left off with the wicked witch of the west, Louisa Davenport with her self-righteousness.

Christopher returns from his travels to find his world upside down; he is besides himself with worry. Riddled with guilt, shame, self-loathing, he is knocked on his ass by the betrayal perpetrated by the one person in life who’s supposed to forever has his back; his mother.

Having realised where he’s failed his wife and his marriage, he sets out to make this right by his wife and try to save his marriage. But is he prepared to face off with the evil that has her in its clutches? Will he succeed in convincing her that she belongs with him?

Ember forces herself to admit that she may not be right for Christopher. As much as she loves him, she has to consider the circumstances under which her marriage started. With a mother-in-law like Louisa, Papa Rich just might be the lesser of two evils.

I really enjoyed seeing Ember grow from the meek, abused young girl from Hallelujah Junction into her new self. I liked that there was bit of back and forth in that growth as I thought it made it more realistic rather than if she’d turned into badass bitch in one breath. I liked how Christopher realised his shortcoming rather quickly and was not afraid to admit and remedy it immediately.

This had the hallmarks of a 5* read. But unfortunately, when we got to chapter 21, this is what happened

Fran Healy Reaction GIF by Travis - Find & Share on GIPHY

From the top of that cliff into the water, there’s a whole story missing there. So much could have happened that I would have loved to read. When I was reading chapter 20, I was on pins and needles that Scarecrow and Papa Rich might return and find them alone. If that happened, how would they get out of that situation. Or that they might come across them on their way down the hill. But the author chose to skip all that and just rush to the end, hence my rating. I’m disappointed about that.

That being said, I really enjoyed it. It hit the spot and was very satisfying.

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