Blood stains my hands, my soul, my heart, yet I’ll shed more to keep her safe.

A chance meeting brings Jen MacNeill into my life—the woman born to reign at my side.
She just doesn’t know it yet.
How could my Lady be anything other than a silken promise taunting me with every breath she takes?
A new Don reigns over Manhattan.
But though I won the war, peace isn’t easily brokered.
Over a decade of avenging my father’s death, I made many enemies.
To each and every one, Jen’s a target.
But I’ll paint NYC red before I let them harm her.
I just never imagined I’d be in the line of fire first…

A heart broken by grief can feel no guilt or shame with the brutality in which vengeance is delivered.

This is the first part of ‘The Oath’ duet in The Valentini Family series.

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Series:The Valentini Duet #1

My Rating: ★★★

Lucion is everything you want in a mafia man. Dominant, violent, possessive, protective, a provider. A man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to take it. He’s not intimidated by the strength of his woman. I liked how he’s unlike most mafia capos, when Jen tries to push him away time and time again, rather than strong arm her into a relationship, Lucion takes his time to woo her, work his way through her walls and create a willingness in her.

Jen has had a hard life. Never knowing her father and born to a mother with demons too big for her to overcome, she has had to look after herself from a young age. All she wants is security. Secure in knowing she will eat, she will sleep, she will wear clothes without having to worry where they came from. But most importantly she wants to be loved. But when Lucian shows interest in her, pursues her unrelenting and persistently, she is wary because experienced has taught her that nothing in this world was free; least of all if they were coming from a man.

I quiet enjoyed this book. I have to say I was in two minds about Jen. While I loved how she embraced her sexuality and did what she wanted, rightly so with her body, I thought she could have been more responsible. For someone who was broke, it made no sense that the little that she had was spent on clothes. I think Jimmy Choo could have done without her money. I found that irresponsible and honestly it didn’t endear me to her.

I was looking forward to this book because…the blurb. But I have to say I didn’t get me the way…the way, and obviously I’m in the minority. I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t read the Five Points Mob series. I suspect I would have gotten more from the story if I had.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it although I wasn’t convinced of their chemistry. I didn’t think they spent enough time together to have nurtured their relationship to be more. I would have liked to see them fight each other more over their feelings.

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