Vasili Nikolaev.
Dangerous. Deadly. And most of all, devastating.

He’s the king of New Orleans.
Ruler of the Russian mafia and my best friend’s oldest, mouthwatering brother.

On Halloween night my last year in college, I gave him everything. My body. My heart. My soul.

He burned it all to the ground with the first ray of dawn.

Lessons learned. I’ve moved on. Now, five years later, I have a career I love, a boyfriend. But Vasili is back in my life again. A temptation I don’t need.

One thing is for certain. Nikolaev always settles the score.

He’ll destroy everything and everyone, including my boyfriend.

The question is… What is Vasili’s end game? Will he destroy me all over again or will I be the Phoenix rising from the ashes he left behind and take what I’ve always wanted? Him.

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Series: N/A

My Rating: ★★★

When Isabel befriends Tatiana at college, they become more than just friends. As their friendship grew, Isabel gets to know Tatiana’s big brother, Vasili. She finds herself with an enormous crush on him. For years while at college she gets up to no good just so Vasili can come to their rescue. One night, Halloween night, she gets all her Christmases in one day. After what she thought was the best thing to ever happen to her, potentially the beginning of a good thing with a man she’s fantasised about for years, it turns out, it was just one sided. To Vasili, she was a means to an end. Nothing more than a tool to pursue his own objectives.

Heartbroken, and with some really hard work on her part, she manages to move on from Vasili. Or at least try. With a job she loves, a relationship with a guy who’s sorta stable, she adulting really well. Until she once again comes face to face with Vasili at a party.

As the head of the Russian mafia, and the oldest of his siblings, the responsibility of his family falls on his shoulders. Acting from a place of hurt and vengeance, he acts on what turns out to be bad information and potentially loosing the best thing that could have happened to him.

When he sets his sights on Isabel again, through manipulation and scheming, he is determined to get her back and sets events in motion to get her back into his lair again. Will she get the girl, or is the damage too great?

I enjoyed it but I have to say I struggled with it. The abrupt change in Vasili’s mannerism from hatred to “I want you by any means” attitude just wasn’t a smooth transition. I really didn’t like the reasons behind his “revenge” either. It’s stupid. I also found the story to be slow. There was repetition of some scenes that just took away from the pace of the book. Or maybe that’s just me. I also struggled with the chemistry between them, and certainly struggled with Vasili’s badassery. I didn’t buy it. He tried too hard I think.

There were far too many characters introduced in the story and it I had a hard time keeping track of who was who.

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