The mafia prince wants her,
But she only wants his brother.

Some boys are popular.
Some boys are heartthrobs.
But Luca and Liam De Vos?
They have what no other boys in my school have…

They’re heirs to one of the biggest mafia empires in the Netherlands.
And now our parents are doing business together.

They’re dangerous boys that get everything they need with one snap of the finger.
But boys like them always want what they can’t have.

The younger brother, Luca, can’t stop teasing me.
And it makes me hate him.
So I fight back by going after his brother instead.

But when boys like Luca don’t get their way …
They will find one.

We’re like fire and gasoline.
All he had to do … was light the match.

Hit the Author Up

Series: Underworld Kings

My Rating: ★★⋆

This is my first book by this author. This story takes a big dallop of arrange marriage, throws in a dash enemy to lovers, a splash of bully romance and comes up with a melt pot of mafia romance deliciousness.

The Bass and De Vos families are friends and business partners dealing heavily in all things illegal. Like most mafia romances, their children are part of the currency to prosperity and power.

Jill is the youngest of the Bass girls. Unlike her sister, she has a hard time accepting the life and family she was born into. Liam is the older of the De Vos brothers, he too finds it hard to accept the future that is awaiting him. I suspect as a result; Jill has been nursing a crush on Liam all her life. They are similar in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, Luca being the youngest is often overlooked over his brother. He unlike, Liam actually loves the blood and gore that comes with his family business. But he loves nothing more than Jill. For years he is tormented and riddled with resentment that not only will he not get the keys to the empire, but he won’t get the girl he wants either. So, he makes it his life mission to make Jill as miserable as possible. The mafia version to pulling pigtails in the playground. An unfortunate sequence of events flips the script on everybody and the families find themselves at odds and having to rearrange all prior made plans.

The story had potential, but the execution was

First of all, it was too short. I read it in 2 hours and found myself thinking “wtf”? Most of all, there was a gel missing in the story. There was too much jumping from one scene to another. It felt like a collection of events that were cut and pasted into order. Just when you thought this was happening, we cut and move onto another scene. There wasn’t a proper build up, or flow in the story or its characters. There was so much potential to really build up on the tension and angst between Luca and Jill when Luca found out the plans made for Jill and Liam. Instead, they fell out. Which in of itself felt forced and really unnecessary.

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