Luciano Vitale.
Cruel. Heartless. Ruthless.
A criminal. A monster. A murderer.

Belles and Mobsters were never meant to be together. And I still fell in love with him, only to be torn apart. Lesson learned.

I escaped with nothing but the clothes on my back and my best friend at my side. We hid in plain sight, and started a new life.

Just as life became normal again, we were found. Dragged back into the underworld.

This time the stakes are much higher. Failing is not an option.

If only he wasn’t my demise.

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Series:Belles & Mobsters #1

My Rating: ★★★⋆

 “My wife” …He pumped into me with powerful thrusts. My nails dug into his muscles, the grip tight and every sensation within me burning with need. His voice cocky and possessive. “say you’re mine,” he demanded”.

When a book starts like that, you know you’re in for a good old time. I have enjoyed a lot of Eva’s books and when I saw the prologue for this book at the end of “Den of Sinners”, I was all over it like white on rice. If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll know I love mafia romances. But when you throw in a fierce woman to boot

Luciano has royally fucked up. Now for three years he’s been trying to unfuck his fuck up. His thirst for revenge has caused him to loose sight of everything. So, he puts a gun to his wife’s head, as you do. The marriage has already started on a bad foot, but this absolutely derails it off the tracks and for all intents and purposes, sentences his wife to death.

Grace is a badass. Coming from a sheltered background and thrown into one of abuse, she is battered, tired and scared all the time. So when the head of the Vitale mafia forces her into marriage, she is relieved to be freed from the clutches of her family and the plans they have for her. But things don’t work out the way she’d hoped. Three years looking over her shoulder, running from three mafia families with a toddler in tow, there’s not time for weakness. She has fought, she has conquered, and she has survived and come out stronger than she would have ever thought possible.

I really really enjoyed this story. The pace was just right, the drama galore, there was plenty of loyalty, betrayal, growth, survival, reconciliation.

It didn’t rate it 4* for a few reasons. One, there were too many support characters that I had a hard time keeping them straight. I know they’re probably being set up in preparation for the series, but it was a lot. Two, there was a bit too much repetition especially on Luciano’s part. His mistake was repeated a lot and he talked about it way too much. Three, I was let down by the reconciliation. I expected a huge blow out between our couple. Grace left Luciano for what he did to her and stayed away partly because she thought he’d do it again, but when they came face to face, they didn’t even talk about it. I expected grace to lose her shit about it and some serious grovelling on Luciano’s part. But

what can I say? I like drama.

Finally, there was a lot of misunderstandings, and the couple were really shit at communicating. A lot of the issues that were highlighted as the reason for their marital problems were not or were inadequately addressed.

Nonetheless, in general, I really liked the book. The push and pull, the run and the hunt, the suspense of what would happen when the hunter finally caught their prey. All of that was great. Unfortunately, after the prey was caught it lost a bit of its steam. I wanted more. More mafia action, more marital full, blown out, furniture moving kind of arguments considering the circumstances. Also, part of me wished there had been a bit more on the dynamics of how they got together and the dynamics of their marriage before that fateful night. And I really would have loved to live those three years with them rather than hear about them retrospectively.



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