Savage (adjective):
1) Not domesticated; wild and untamed
2) A brutal or vicious person
3) Malek Antonov

He’s a myth. A ghost. A legend.
A Bratva assassin so feared, some won’t even dare to speak his name.

He comes in search of vengeance for the death of his brother, but what he finds instead is me.

A girl he thinks is someone else.
Someone unrelated to the man who killed his brother.
Except I am.

And when he finds out my true identity, he decides to take me as repayment for what he lost.

Now, I’m a little bird trapped in a cage, and the only way to survive is to make friends with the monster who captured me.

Except friendship isn’t what the monster has in mind.

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Series: Queens and Monsters #3

My Rating:★★★

I don’t care how many books she writes in this series; I will never get tired of reading them. This author is one I feel like I’ve taken for granted. Like her books come out and I just know its going to be good, like obviously, right? I feel like I have not been getting my knickers in a twist with excitement when I should be. So dammit from now on I will because she’s the shit.

I never thought there’d be anyone funnier than Sloane, but apparently her little sister is. Riley says the most random, most ridiculous things out there.

Anyway, lets talk about the book. Mal is the right had man to the Pakhan of the Russian bratva. While the circumstances of how he become bratva are sad, he has remained committed and most feared man out there. Nicknamed the ghost, he comes and goes seemingly through walls. He’s lost everyone he’s ever loved, and the last blood relative is a victim of the Irish mob. Out for revenge, vying for blood, he gets more than he bargained for in the little pixy that is Riley.

Riley is the little sister to the crazy but beautiful Sloane. With considerable low self esteem than her sister, she’s always been in her shadow, couple that with a misunderstanding, she is estranged from her sister. So, when she suddenly invites her to meet her new fiancé, she’s skeptical but she gives in. Unbeknownst to her, she’s walking into a world of darkness, that our girl takes in her stride.

I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t rate it 4* because there were some inconsistencies in Riley character. For example, her supposed jealousy and resentment towards her sister, ended rather quickly. Her reaction to finding out some really crazy ass shit was a bit too blaze for someone with her character.

I didn’t rate it a 5* because I wanted a lot more of things. I wanted more mafia stuff. Mal being the ghost and doing his ghostly things/duties was played off the pages and I don’t like that. I wanted it darker too. It boarded a bit too close to a rom-com that I would have wanted. While I enjoyed seeing the other characters from the first 2 books, I feel like it took the pages that could have been used to get to know Mal better. He barely featured in his own story. And honestly as much as I liked seeing Kage and Declan again, I could have done without.

All in all, I enjoyed it and I look forward to book 4.

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