After I lost my dad, my roommate, with his tighty-whitey, pizza eating, gaming habits, wasn’t worth staying in Seattle for. So when I’m offered a job at an upscale mansion in the middle of Bum-Fuck-Ohio, I take it. I mean, what do I have to lose?
The answer?
Not only do I discover that my exceptionally good-looking, albeit moody, landlord is a werewolf, (A-Freaking-Werewolf!) but get this… and it’s the real kicker, we are fated mates! The lust I feel for him is off the charts, which is odd since I’m human and humans being fated to werewolves is basically unheard of. There’s also the fact that I keep passing out and having these crazy dreams that scare Ryker half to death.
Then, I find out that it’s no coincidence that my boss hired me. It seems everyone knows more about me and the fact that I might not actually be human after all, than I do.
As I learn more about what I am, I’m left with more questions than answers. I do know that if left untrained, I’m dangerous for both Ryker and his pack. I have to fix that and fast!

Hit the Author Up

Series: Destined by the Fates #1

My Rating: ★★★★


There’s nothing better than stumbling upon a new to you author and they blow the shit out of your mind. While you’re at it, you give a new genre a try and the whole time, you have your “holy shit” face on because its more than you expected.

Paranormal/shifter romances are new to me. By new I mean I’ve only started reading them in the last 4 weeks.

Ariel finds herself in a predicament. With no job, recent passing of her dad, she finds herself a job in the middle of nowhere. With nothing to keep her in Seattle, she takes the job, but she is not ready for what she finds there. As it turns out, her whole life has been a lie. Who she is, what she is all a lie. Her new job, her new employers are not what they appear to be. Her landlord and his family are even more of a surprise.

She’s having a hard accepting and dealing with her new reality. But Ryker has been waiting for her for 300 years, and he will fight anyone and anything that tries to take her away from him. Including herself.

I’ve spent lifetimes waiting for you. My heart, my soul, it was yours before you were even conceived. I know you don’t grasp the depth of what id do for you. I know it frightens you. But you should know, I’d lay the world at your feet, just to see you smile.

Man, I loved this book. I loved the mystery. The angst, the suspense, the romance. I mean Ryker is bae.  I loved how protective he was. How loving, nurturing, gentle. I was here for it.

There are so many secrets in this book. So much to uncover, so many questions that need to be answered and I really hope book 2 answers them. I am here for it. But I hate and I do mean hate books written in singular point of views. 98% of the time when I open a book and it’s written in this way, I move on. I nearly didn’t read this book because of that. The whole time you’re reading it you’re just dying to see what Ryker has to say about what’s going on, what he knows about what’s going on and we get none of that. At the end you feel like while the story is about two people, yet you don’t know the other character at all. That’s me right now. I don’t know Ryker at all, and I hate that. That’s why it wasn’t a 5* for me.

I hope the author reconsidered and writes book 2 is dual point of view.

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