The third and final book in the Mazzone Mafia series is coming December 29th.

Serena has felt trapped her entire life, living a lie because it was demanded of her.

Years of torture at the hands of her sadistic husband have left her battered and bruised, but not defeated. She needs to stay strong for her children, and she’s determined to reset her future.

The future she has all thanks to Alessandro.

He saved her that fateful night when her husband died, and he continues to save her as she struggles to piece her life back together.

Yet the closer they get, the more it terrifies her because no man has ever made her feel like this.

It can’t work.

She’s too broken.

He’s too young.

And she’ll never trust a made man again.

Women never get under Alesso’s skin—until Serena. They share an intense connection that can’t be ignored, no matter how hard she tries to push him away.

He knows she’s scared. He is too, but she’s worth the risk. Alesso vows to be patient, until danger resurfaces and now all bets are off. Serena needs to understand how much she means to him and he will do everything to protect her.

The situation grows more tense as the DeLucas plot against Bennett Mazzone and the surviving mafia heirs. But Alesso will lay down his life before he lets Serena get hurt again.

Now his walls are lowered, the gloves are off, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Even if it means letting her go.

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Series: Mazzone Mafia #3

My Rating: ★★★

I love this author.  Her books are an auto-buy for me. Whenever she releases a book, I already know I’ll be reading it

The story had everything that I have come to expect from Siobhan. Characters you’d love to hate, saddled with baggage so large you can’t contemplate how they could possibly overcome them, but when they come out the other side, you can’t help but be in awe of their strength. And Serena and Alesso are no exception.

Serena has suffered greatly at the hands of her husband. Her heart is wary, and the soul burdened with the abuse that she’s had to endure over the years. All she wants is peace, for herself and her children to be safe and happy. The last thing she needs in her life is another man. But as the saying goes, the heart wants what it wants. And for a long time, Serena’s heart has been quite partial to Alesso. Will she allow herself what her heart wants? Or are her scars too deep to let love soothe them and take a chance and let herself experience the love of a good man?

Alesso has had it rough in his childhood. As a soldier in Ben’s mafia army, he’s finally found a home, his place, his people. With childhood scars that run deep, the idea of love and romance are far from his contemplation. But he can’t help but feel a certain way about Serena. Problem is, she’s so damage he doubts she’ll ever be ready for him. Question is, does he pursue her or let her heal and come to him when she’s ready? If she ever does or will he remain in the friendzone forever?

I can’t say that I loved this book, but I did enjoy bit. Slow burns are not my jam and the angst in this one wasn’t as intense as I have come to expect from this author. There are some serious dark issues throughout the story, but I didn’t like that a lot of what I thought would have been the heat in the book happened off the pages. I don’t know. This just wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read by this author, and it was certainly the least favourite in the series.

It focused mostly on Serena’s healing process, and referenced the first two books quite a bit, which is fine, but I wish it didn’t. I felt like I was re-reading the other books again and it took up space that I wish was used to give us more of Alesso and build up the angst.

Nonetheless, I’d still recommend the series.

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