The brain behind Literary Temptations, like most little girls, was a firm believer is happily ever after and knight in shining armour romance. My first memory of my love affair with romance novels was me laying in bed with a Mills and Boon novel (Yes they popped my cherry). Over the years of course my taste has become rather racier, very much less that PG. Although I enjoy contemporary romance, BDSM, sweet swoony romance, and most recently mafia type of romance, I’m quite partial to erotica. I’m talking about panty soaking, toe-curling, eye-rolling-back-in-socket, wake-the-neighbours-up kind of kink.  What can I say, I’m a freak! Don’t judge me!

But I have standards. I hate nothing more than a book riddled with sex scenes but no story line. I equally hate those books that feel like the author was going for an erotic novel and changed their minds halfway. No, just no.!

Literary Temptations was born for the preservation of my marriage and my friendships. I don’t think my husband could take anymore of me gushing about my book husbands or boyfriends, and quite frankly my friends were sick of it too. So I thought, best find other freaks like me online and tell them all about it so we can be wet together.

Now listen here people, I’ve got a potty mouth. I mean it’s so bad it could make a sailor blush. So be warned that my reviews will be littered with f-bombs and a few of his cousins. The more f-bombs you see on the review, know that book was the motherfucking truth.

Now that we’ve got that shit out of the way; if you’re a fellow freak, love a steamy books, can appreciate a dirty joke, stand my potty mouth and appreciate sarcasm, welcome to literary temptations!