I don’t apologize or regret the destruction I’m about to cause. I’m at peace with what I must do… nothing can or will stand in my way. Not even the raven-haired beauty with golden eyes who haunts my dreams.
No one is innocent in the story of my life. Fairy tales don’t exist!
I. Make. No. Excuses.
Everyone needs to atone, and I’m the man who is going to see to it.

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Series: The Disciples #2

My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

“David, what we have will never be bad. I have always loved you. Don’t you get it?”

I’m always on the lookout for stories that are well written and very smutty smut. Finding one that has an interesting storyline that is unsettling, layered and has pantie-soaking scenes always gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. Having read lethal I wasn’t be surprised at the deliciousness of this book. While I knew and already loved this author’s writing style, I was not ready for the alpha-ness, danger, sexy, high pace and dangerous games that only the MC Disciples can play. This was definitely I lovely spin-off as it were of the tragedy we first read of in Lethal.

“When I left, I did it right. Most of you were in this very room when I gave up my cut. Hardest thing I ever did besides burying my baby girl.”

Thirty year old David “Poet” had it all, or so he thought; a beautiful daughter he dotted on and his brothers in the MC Disciples. All he wanted was his baby mama to stop causing him a headache and the golden-eyed girl at the dinner. Until one night an bomb explosion that was meant for him robs him of his child and some people he loves dearly. Riddled with guilt and grief, he falls of the surface of the earth and has a good go at burying his pain in drugs, women and alcohol. Until one day, ten years later, he decides to end his pity party and comes back for revenge. He is broken, full of self-loathing and very self-destructive. Even with his single-minded plan for blood and revenge, his mind can’t help circle back to the girl at the diner. He knows he should stay away, but his heart and his body have other plans that don’t jam with his head.

“What do you want? And ill let you know what I’m capable of.”

“You. I want you. I have always wanted you.”

“Listen I can’t be with you or anyone else ever. I’m fucked up.”

“I don’t believe that.”

Charlize has been infatuated and possibly in love with David since she was seventeen years old. She was underage so David stayed away; until one night he kissed her, made plan for her, about her; then he disappeared with a trace for almost ten years. His disappears nearly killed her. But she survived, she went to college, gotten her degree and now is back running her parent’s diner. Never in a million years did she think she see him again, least of all in her diner. But there he sits eating his food while staring into space. All those feeling comes rushing back. When David swears they can be together-she’s not having it. She wants him, so dammit she’s having him.

“I love you. You need to know that whatever happens, I love you. I always have. I call you my light because without it my heart with to beat.”

As we go further into the story, David fights his feelings for Charlie very step of the way. Bur Charlie is determined to have her man. Try as he might, he finds himself more and more possessive of her. When he’s frustrated, angry or hurting is her she runs to. The stress, anger, anxiety of his revenge force him to finally gets his shit together and admit his feelings for Charlie to himself and to her.

When David finally achieves what he sets out to achieve; avenge the death of his daughter I thought okay now he can focus on his life with his girl. But of course, he self-destructs in a big way. Goes back to his dark day tendencies leaving Charlie crippled by worry. And I get it, later wanting something for ten year, being the only thing hes thought about, he probably didn’t know what to do with hus new found freedom but to go AWOL and undo all the hard-work you’ve done to overcome his demons? I sympathise, really I do but

As for Charlie, I mean I get she loved him, but honestly there were times I wanted to crawl in the pages and give her a hug and tell her

There were tomes when David was taking the piss honestly and I would have liked to see her stand up for herself, give him some tough love and make him act like he’s got some sense. So when after David’s four months or so disappearing act, upon his return the ease with which she gave into him was mind boggling? Really that’s it? For someone who loved a man so deep, and for them to hurt you like that and then you just take him back and shrug that shit off like he’s only just gone to the store and took to long?

anyway, it was a fantastic read. Sexy, moving, full of redemption and a phenomenal display of Cassandra’s writing skills.

“I want to tell you everything is going to be perfect, but all I can tell you is that you are my light, my very reason for standing here today. And if you will have me, I’d like to spend every day with you for the rest of my life. “

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