“This isn’t a marriage. It’s a contract signed in blood.”

Dangerous and feared.
Those words describe my future husband. Who just so happens to also be my ex-boyfriend.
It’s complicated. Two years ago, he broke my heart when he left me to do his father’s bidding. After months of crying, I finally accepted he was gone and wasn’t going to look back. That maybe he’d never loved me at all. I never wanted to see Luca again.
Now a cruel twist of fate has signed me over to him in a heartless deal. I’m his. He thinks he did me a favor, but I feel like I’ve been given a death sentence. He doesn’t want to get married because he still loves me. No, he did it for money. More power.
I’m going to be a mafia wife. And there’s only one way out of it. Death.
But as it turns out, someone else doesn’t want me to marry the ruthless Luca Bianchi. And if he has his way, I’ll see that early grave.

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My Rating: ♥♥♥.5

Shantel Tessier is one of my auto-buy authors. So I already knew this was going to be amazing. If you love mafia romances and you love second chance romances, then this book is for you.

We meet Luca Bianchi, son of a Don, raised to be vicious and to one day take over the family business. Like most mafia stories, marriages of convenience are the norm, but Luca is already in love and want no other girl but Haven. So 2 years ago, he lets go of the love of his life to search for a way by which he can keep the girl he loves. Now he’s back, all grown up and wants his girl back, and does some very unsavoury things to get her; but said girl doesn’t want to know. What will Luca do?

Haven Knowles is so in love with Luca she doesn’t know where he begins and where she ends. He was his first everything and all she wants is a future with him so she can finally have something that’s hers. Having been adopted, or so she thought, she would love nothing more. So when Luca suddenly vanished from her life without so much as a goodbye, that alone nearly kills her. So imagine her surprise when she one day comes home to be told she’s been getting married to him; whether she likes it or not.

Okay. First thing; I loved the different direction this story took from most mafia romances. Normally, the arranged marriage is between two people who hate each other and are forced into it by parents in pursuit of business interests. Haven and Luca are college sweethearts who genuinely loved each other; although Haven fights it understandably considering how much it took for her to get back on her feet.

I did feel like quite a bit was missing in the story though. Mia’s story I felt I was a bit short-changed there. Why is she there? How did she get there? What are the plans for her etc. Luca implied he did some heavy lifting for her to be there, but no elaboration on what. I didn’t like the seemingly lack of strength or wisdom shown by Haven sometimes especially at the engagement party. I mean when your fiancé sleeps with another AT YOUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY (or pretends to), that is not the night to have sex with them.

But you know apparently Luca has a

oh and don’t get me started on that phone call Haven received that she didn’t tell Luca about. Who gets into a car organised by some person they don’t know, to go to a place they don’t know without second thought? And then get there and goes “oh maybe this wasn’t a good idea”?

Anyway, I really loved this book. I cant wait for the Kings’ story and especially Nite’s. I wonder who he will end up with. Our girl Jasmine or Mia.

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