I’ve been the wicked witch of King’s Creek since I was eight years old, from my angry red hair down to my ball-busting boots. With a mean drunk for a daddy who left nothing but insults and unpaid bills in his wake, was there ever any other fate? Now his passing has left me one bad turn, from losing my land to the neighbors my family’s been feuding with for generations.

So of course it’s Dawson King who comes to my rescue in the middle of a snowstorm. But I don’t care how good he looks in a pair of Wranglers, or how much he spoils my horse, or how great of a cook he is. The Kings already have everything—money, looks, and charm. Dawson’s not getting my heart too.


I’m living my dream, I admit it. I took over the family ranch from my dad and grew it into the envy of Montana. I have the best views, the best employees, and the respect of the entire town. The only thing I don’t have is someone to share my dream with. So when my neighbor breaks her leg and nearly freezes to death, I all but kidnap her back to my place to recover.

We grew up less than a mile apart, but we couldn’t be in more different places now. Bristol’s had nothing but pride for so long, it’s hard to get close to her. And I want to get very close to Bristol.

I don’t care if the whole town loves me, I’m only interested in earning the love of one woman. But for a guy who’s got the world at his feet, Bristol’s heart might be out of my reach.

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Series: Oil Kings #4

My Rating:★★ ⋆

I have to say, having read the first three books I was really keen to find out how these two are going to navigate the dynamics of their family feud spanning two generations. And to be honest, it fell a bit short for me.

As I said, I’ve read the other books in this series, so to say I’m fed up with the Trust narrative is an understatement. Anyway, lets start with what I liked.

I liked how Dawson was able to go above the trivialities of what is expected of him when dealing with a Cartwright. He saw someone in need, and he helped her. End of. I loved how fierce and independent Bristol was. How despite the circumstances of her childhood, and how her father was, she still loved the man. I loved her fierce determination and her I don’t take shit from anyone mentality.

Now, for what I didn’t like. The Trust. That fucking trust narrative is doing me in. There’s just no mystery anymore. Atleast in this one unlike the first two, the author dealt with it slightly different. While I appreciate how Gentry and his oldest sons reacted to Dawson and Bristol’s relationship, I thought it was crazy how they had a change of heart about what Dawson should do regarding that trust. All throughout the first books, the objective has been not to under any circumstances let the Cartwright get that money. So, the idea that Dawson could pursue a relationship with a Cartwright and everybody except the grandma is just chill and about it and all “do whatever you think is best” is crazy to me.

I expected some serious backlash from the Kings. I expected Dawson and Bristol to have to really fight for their love. While I get why Dawson may have not really had beef with Bristol considering their age and their childhood friendship, his brothers did some crazy shit to avoid the very mine field they’re so blaze about Dawson pursuing.

So no. I don’t know. Something was just missing. Passion. I think passion is what’s missing in this story. The fights, the sex. Its just a bit lacklustre for me. If people are going to fight, I want some serious arguing full of passion and angst and drama. The kind that makes you feel like you’re in the room with them and watching it unfold. This didn’t do that for me I’m afraid.

But chile, I CANNOT WAIT for Aiden’s story. To see how Kate reacts to the news and I pray that the fights are a lot more impassioned, and Aiden does a better job of grovelling than his brothers did.

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