When revenge turns into a fake engagement…

It was supposed to be a simple case of revenge: get to know King Tech owner and CEO Beckett King, learn his secrets, and ruin his life like he ruined my brother’s. But Beckett King offers me a deal I can’t refuse.

Not only does he want me to pretend to be engaged to him, he needs to marry me to get his grandmother off his back. And at the end of the year, we can go our separate ways, only I’ll be a whole lot richer.

I won’t fall for his irresistible good looks, or that aw, shucks country-boy charm he still possesses from growing up on a ranch. I’m smarter than that. He has a lesson to learn and I’m the best one to teach him.

But that’s the tricky thing with revenge. It doesn’t always go as planned.

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Series: Oil Kings #2

My Rating:★★★

If you’ve read book one of this series, then you’re already familiar with Beck and the decision that is facing him.

Having learnt from the mistake his older brother made and deciding not to be a disappointment to his father, like Aiden was, Beck decides to take a more honourable and honest route to meeting the terms of his trust. He lays all the cards out on the table from day one with a little pixie he finds standing at the door of his office building one morning.

As a self-made millionaire, Beck is weary of women. Forever uncertain if its his millions, or the billions of his family or him that they actually want. With no intentions of being married long term, he decides to enlist Eva’s help in achieving his goal, he is certain that faking a marriage is the best recourse to get what he needs and help Eva out.

Unbeknownst to him, Eva has her own agency. She is set out to hurt him in a quest for revenge for the state Beck’s rejection has had on her brother. None of them are prepared when they start catching feelings, because frankly, that wasn’t the plan.

For the life of me I never understand how women who are as broke as Eva is can think they can take on a millionaire or billionaire like Beck on any revenge quest and succeed. I mean everybody knows people with money always win. I mean even if she was successful at hurting him in any shape of form, the idea that the damage would be so great that it could be a financially crippling was just ridiculous.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed it enough that I can’t wait to read the next book. But I have to say at this point, all I want is Aiden’s book. With all the shit that’s been hinted so fair, it seems like it will be fire.

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