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Series: Oil Kings #3

My Rating:★★

Having read the first two books, I was obviously going to read this one. It promised to be delicious considering the floundering, prodigal son that is Xander. On top of that, marriages of convenience are my jam, so as soon as I finished the last book, I was on it.

The truth is I struggled with this review because while I was curious about Xander, there a few things that just didn’t work for me. Firstly, the story around the trust.

Honestly having read the first two books about it, at this point I was just over the premise. While the author wrote each King man’s story as a different sub-genre, there was no longer any mystery. Secondly, I found the romance between the characters lacking. I didn’t think they spent enough time with each other to cultivate their romance. At the beginning Savvy spent too much time working for her dad, while Xander stayed home. He left and she eventually followed. Nothing happened in their relationship except help build houses etc.

I don’t know why Xander stayed away from home for so long. I get the disappointed father thing and having been a mama’s boy so dad not really knowing him. But really? Savvy was a bit immature for my liking and quite frankly so was Xander. With all the resources he had, there was no reason for him to struggle the way he did. And Savvy just seemed to live for her parents, and I don’t even know why because as it turns out, they didn’t actually want to control her, but wanted some weird blend of controlling her while encouraging to spread her wings.

This was the least favourite book in the series to be honest. It just didn’t work for me to be fair, but I’m invested now and just gagging for Aiden’s story. So that I will still read the rest of the series.

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