Lit Weekly Recap – 03 May 2021


For years, I watched her. Drank her in as she performed in front of an empty theatre, pretending every seat was occupied, the cello settled between her legs as her dainty fingers made love to the strings…one beautiful note after the other.

She thought she was alone, that no one heard her play. But I did. I heard every note, every tune, every vibrato. It drowned out the voices. Silenced the demons. It gave me peace.

I’d hide in the shadows so I could get high on the music that stemmed from her soul. It was entrancing. Beautiful. Utterly hypnotic.

She has no idea that I exist—that I live for the nights she performs for me, and me alone. But she will.

Soon she’ll realize how important she is to me.

My cellist.

My soloist.

My Requiem.

Wild to Love #5


Henry Gauthier: Bassist. Gorgeous. My brother’s best friend. And the man who destroyed my heart.
He’s also the man I grew to hate after a one-night stand went horribly wrong. I’ve spent the last three years successfully dodging him like a bullet.
Now, fresh out of a bad relationship and living in a new city, I finally feel like I’m starting to get myself together. And when an opportunity to produce Wild Minds’ newest album presents itself, I can’t help but jump at the chance of a lifetime.
Even if it comes with a caveat.
Three weeks in Hawaii, an impossible to meet deadline, and Henry Gauthier.Eden Dawson: Spitfire. Stunning. My best friend’s sister. And the bane of my existence.
I’ll be the first to admit three years ago I messed up. I shouldn’t have touched her.
Sort of like now. Because my best friend, my bandmate, made me promise that when it comes to his baby sister, I keep my hands to myself.
Only a woman like her is impossible to resist. And before I know it, despite my best efforts, we’re doing all manner of dirty things to each other.
We vow this only a temporary fling. Promising that no matter what, love is off the table.
Now, I have to make sure two things don’t happen. One, I don’t break my promise to her. Two, her brother doesn’t find out I already broke the one I made to him.

Nightshade Falls Book #2


She makes me question core things about myself
The mountain and cabin are my sanctuaries.
My bear prefers a life of solitude, and I’m content being alone.
Then she barges into my life, changing everything.
Nikola. Markus’s fierce vampire sister.
Off. Limits.
But the need to be near her is testing my sanity.
She draws out a passion in me, a fire I’ve never known.
Man and bear agree that we need to have her.
Chemistry like ours won’t burn itself out.
It explodes into an inferno.
As a US Marshall, her case takes us to the Bayou. Nikola is dedicated to protecting the innocent and the weak. She’s never had the luxury of a protector. I intend to change that.
Danger forces us to depend on each other, and our trust is tested.
When a sinister plot threatens the future of all vampires in Louisiana,
I vow to unconditionally protect Nikola;
Because now, the one thing I’m sure of,
She’s mine.
And I’m never letting her go.

Something in me changes the second I lay eyes on Mace.
The world sees an arrogant-kickass US Marshall and vampire.
But I’m not as confident as I seem.
Betrayal by those who should have loved me the most has left me cynical.
Mace’s quiet steadfastness calms me.
The connection is undeniable.
A triple murder case in Louisiana forces me to take Mace as a partner.
Everything about this case seems wrong, and I need a shifter at my back.
I don’t tolerate injustice or prejudice, and I’ve found too many people look the other way.
But I learn to trust Mace at his word. He will look death in the face and not blink.
I’ve never needed to be protected, but Mace melts me in ways that tear down my guard.
I don’t know if that will save me, kill me, or break my heart.
The clock is ticking on this case.
I will do anything to save the innocent.
I only hope that Mace is still willing to stay by my side when this is all over.

Second Chance Sinners #2


USA Today Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa brings you a MM romance full of angst and tragedy that might turn to hope in a redemption love story that’ll break your heart and mend it all over again. Emotional, endearing, and full of romance

People think they know me.
They only know what I allow them to see.
I’ve learned to control the narrative.

I have secrets. So many, it’s hard to keep them straight.
I should let those secrets go, open myself to my friends.
Open my heart and allow it to love.
Break the grasp that the demons of my past have on me.

The only man who understands me is fighting for his life.
I put him there.
Zeke is suffering. He wants to move forward and forget the past.
Forward as in without me.

Friends. That is all he offers but I want more.
I can’t let him go.
But I can’t let the past go either.

When calamity strikes and wrecks the Sinners of Seattle again, Zeke and I are forced to deal with the aftershock.

And I can’t help but wonder if he’s next.
I can either stay away from him forever.
Or hold onto him while we try to survive.



*A Vow of Hate Novella*

They say happy endings come after marriage. But my marriage to Julianna was anything but pretty and happy. Our beginning was tainted with lies and deceit.

We were poison until we found the cure.

The truth liberated us from our hate, and we found our happy ending.

Or I thought so…

Leaving our past behind has proven to be difficult when we’re surrounded by evil. Gracelynn’s death still haunts Julianna and she’s trapped in a never-ending cycle of nightmares. And me? I’m shackled by the unspoken fear of losing her again.

Julianna’s father asked me: How far will I go to protect my wife?

As far as I need to go.

The world asked me: What will I give up for my wife?


*This novella is a sequel/extended epilogue to Killian’s and Julianna’s story. A VOW OF HATE must be read before A VOW OF FOREVER*

The Truth About Love Duet #2


The Brighton Effect is book two of The Truth About Love Duet, an emotional contemporary romance/women’s fiction hybrid.

Brighton Kerrington

Olivia North was everything I always wanted. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew nothing would stop me from having her. Not even her husband, Ryan. In the end, I got her. Maybe it wasn’t all to myself, but Olivia was worth every sacrifice I made to be with her.

What started as a chance to help Olivia heal from the loss of her babies, ended up changing us all forever. Because there wasn’t anything Ryan and I wouldn’t do to make her happy—including sharing her love. Forgiveness and healing are strange bedfellows, but when it comes to love, nothing is off limits.

But everything comes at a cost, and there are key moments that end up changing our lives forever—altering the trajectory we were once on. Before all is said and done, the three of us end up paying more than we ever bargained for. Could our unorthodox love survive the hands of fate, or was it all just the beginning of the end?

Trigger Warning: The main character is dealing with the grief from miscarriages and a still birth in the near past.

Gravestone Elite #3


Welcome to Gravestone…

Where everyone has secrets and only the strongest will survive.

A brand new dark bully romance trilogy from bestselling author Caitlyn Dare


Are you ready to be initiated?

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Where Sea Meets Sky and Racing the Sun comes a wildly romantic novel about a young American abroad in Norway who runs into the man who broke her heart eight years ago.

After years of bartending her way across Europe, Shay Lavji has seen almost everything the continent has to offer, but there’s one country she hasn’t crossed off her bucket list yet: Norway. It’s not that she doesn’t want to visit the land of the midnight sun—far from it; she’s obsessed with the culture and is dying to see the majestic fjords for herself.

What she’s not dying to do is run into her Norwegian ex-boyfriend, Anders Johansen, who broke her heart in America eight years ago before returning to his ancestral home. The last time she saw Anders, he was a cocky, rebellious, and tortured teenager who couldn’t stop himself from pushing all of her buttons—both good and bad. But Shay isn’t going to let Anders stand in the way of her wanderlust, and besides, it’s a big country, right?

She doesn’t count on Anders seeking her out the moment he learns she’s on his home turf. When Shay sees him again, she’s shocked at his transformation into a bearded, tattooed farmer and fisherman who values family over everything else. Is it possible that time has tamed this former bad boy? Shay wants to believe that everything can be new and bright again under the summer sun, but she knows, when it comes to Anders, the darkness is never too far behind.



Jake White is our king.

A king with a crown of thorns, a heart of stone, and evil in his soul. He hides it well though, under a beautiful smile and eyes that ravage your heart.
But Stoneview Prep’s golden boy has always had a dark aura around him. Like a well-guarded secret. A blackness that he never lets anyone see.

“Curiosity killed the cat, Jamie.” My mom always tells me.

She never said it would get me in more trouble than I could handle. She never said it would throw me into the dark world of Jake White. And when I not-so-accidentally find out part of Jake’s past, I finally learn the consequences of mischievous nosiness.

Curiosity doesn’t kill this cat. It turns it into a mouse to be played with.

At least that’s what Jake decided.


Three years. That’s how much my twin and I got of freedom before our past caught up with us.

We were doing well, we were being good, we were keeping out of trouble. Most of all, I was in control.
But trouble always finds a reason to make its way back to us. And when it does, Jamie Williams is here to witness it.
In the morning I learned of her existence, in the afternoon she was spying on me like a fangirl.

This girl is desperate to find out what’s behind the golden boy’s facade I was kind enough to put on.

So be it.

I have time on my hands, darkness on my mind, and a hundred ways to make Jamie Williams bend to my will.

This book is approximately 92,000 words and is the first book of a three-book series. Giving In is a dark high school bully romance intended for mature readers. It contains detailed sexual scenes and bullying scenes that some readers may find triggering. If you are unsure of your triggers, please heed the author’s trigger warning in the book.

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Three dates with the monster.

That’s the price he’s demanding for my freedom.

With a growing secret inside my womb, I have no choice but to accept his deal.

But can I tangle with the silent beast without losing myself again?


She’s escaped, and I’m undone.

A crime lord brought down by one woman.

They’re saying that I must let her go. That I’ll never be able to win her back.

She says that too.

But failure is not an option. Losing her will destroy any humanity I have left.

She’s my addiction. My only weakness. The woman I chose over everything else.

Three dates. If that’s all I have to prove I’m the man she belongs with, then I’d better make them count.

Kingmakers #2


I Want The One Girl I Can’t Have…

Zoe Romera is trapped in a marriage contract with the most sadistic psychopath at Kingmakers.

She couldn’t be more off-limits. Stealing her from Rocco Prince would break the most ironclad rules of the mafia world.

But I have to have her. She’s my soulmate. I want her, or no one at all.

I’ll do anything to save her. Rocco will do anything to destroy her.

I’ve got one chance to achieve the impossible…

“The Rebel” is is the second book in the epic dark mafia Kingmakers series. It’s a forbidden romance, full of jealousy, desire, and a hero who will do anything to save the woman he loves.

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Sinners of New Orleans, #1


A sinner met a saint,
Two worlds collided,
And everything burned.

I’ve done everything right.
Playing the part of the demure famiglia daughter,
And hiding my pain beneath makeup and pretty dresses.
But marrying a man ten years my senior?
Whose words cut like knives,
And lips taste like poison.
This is the one thing I can’t do.

I’ve done nothing right.
I’m not a virtuous man,
I balance on the line between light and dark.
My past is littered with sins,
Each of them is haunting me.
I’m not worthy of the angel with long hair and hazel eyes.
And yet, I’d burn the city to the ground to hold her in my arms.

What’s a sinner to do?

Falling #3


Six years ago, in the dead of night, I woke up to a cold bed and an even colder future without her.

I would’ve followed her anywhere and she left.

I thought I’d moved on and left all she meant to me behind. But a first love is never easy to forget. Even harder when I once felt our love is inevitable–inescapable. And I’ve been proven right once again.

One night brings us back together and derails our lives. We’re sent on a collision course with a future apart and even scarier–a future together. I’m back basking in the warm glow of her gaze and burning with the unquenchable fire of her touch.

We’ve walked this path before and our shattered hearts have been pieced back together. As easy as it would be to run again, I can’t stop wanting her.

This is our final chance to have what we’ve always wanted–each other. Or it’ll be our ruin.

The final book in the Fulton U universe sports romance, Falling trilogy.

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