Lit Weekly Recap – 28 June 2021



From New York Times Bestselling author Corinne Michaels comes a heartbreakingly beautiful standalone story about letting love in.

I’m losing myself trying to save everyone else…

As a doctor, I walk a dangerously delicate balance of being compassionate but not overly invested. The same is true in my personal life–love is a luxury I can’t afford.

It isn’t until Dr. Westin Grant breaks down all my walls and offers me a future, I find myself wondering if I’m brave enough to risk my heart.

When who I was and who I’ve tried to become collide during my clinical trial, the fate of one patient changes everything.

In a single moment, everything I’ve worked for is jeopardized. My integrity, my career, and even my relationship with Westin.

He loved me once, I just hope he can love me always …

Relentless #2


She’s tired of looking over her shoulder. Relief washes over her when the man they believe is responsible for stalking her is finally behind bars. When her vulnerability weakens, she finds herself in the back of a van. She is scheduled to perform in a dance show, but her abductor won’t have her performing for anyone but him.

When Jordan discovers the true identity of the man behind it all she is completely blown away.

He’s a nervous wreck over Jordan being late to a performance he knows means the world to her. Despite her stalker being in jail his gut tells him something’s wrong. When Grant goes looking for her she’s nowhere to be found. His heart is broken and now he has to face her parents with the news.

Time is ticking as Grant races to hunt down the man who has gracefully abducted the woman he loves.



Pampered mafia princess Carina Denali is running from two men: one wants her heart, the other wants her dead…

In the wake of her father’s murder, Carina fled her life of luxury. She manages to stay one step ahead of her deranged, duplicitous uncle and Nick Devlin, the gorgeous FBI agent who stole her heart then crushed it. As she struggles to survive and stay out of sight, she soon realizes Nick is her only hope of coming out of her predicament alive.

Nick has been searching for the right woman for a very long time. When Carina turns to him for protection, she succumbs to his devilish charm once again. As his dark side unleashes her wicked desires, he knows deep down that his search is over. All that remains is keeping her safe from the Mob and winning back her trust for good.

Just as Carina starts to believe a new life with Nick is possible, her deadly past and vengeful godfather resurface with a chilling demand. There can be no peace, and he won’t rest until more of the family’s blood is spilled.



I’m afraid of nothing and everything.
When that car accident changed my life twelve years ago—I thought it was over.
Dom saved me.
I used to think that I could save him, too.
He was the only one who could see me.
But then Nate came along and saw me, too.
One is my past.
Only one will be my future.
I want them both—only one of them can keep me.
Eventually, I’ll have to choose.
Even if it burns me alive.

A car accident nearly killed her.
So the monster became what she needed: a hero.
But little girls grow up to whisper I love you’s and forever’s.
I should have never touched my best friend’s little sister.
When my actions threatened her safety, I did the only thing I could think of: I married her behind her older brother’s back.
A fire and a five-year prison sentence changed everything.
She threw away our vows, so I plotted my revenge.
There was only one thing I didn’t factor in upon my release.

I’ve spent the last eleven years on the run from my past.
I bed unsuspecting women and rob them in their sleep.
My mistake was underestimating Allegra.
She beats me at my own game.
When circumstances find me at her mercy, I’m determined to erase the tattoo of her pretty hazel eyes and her body under mine from my memory.
But Allegra’s fire isn’t easily forgettable.
And I’m not the only one who feels that way.
We both want her.
Only one of us can keep her.
May the best man win.

Content and trigger warning: Rain has some elements of BDSM, metamour, kinky sex, and graphic violent scenes. It also contains scenes that depict domestic abuse, sexual assault, abuse of substances, religious references, discussions and idealizations of suicide, aquaphobia, and mental health issues.

Rydeville Elite #6


Torn between duty and desire…

Sawyer Hunt has always been confident with his place in the world. He knows what he wants, conceals his painful truths behind a mask of cool indifference and keeps his circle small. The only person who has ever come close to smashing through his inner walls is the one person his parents will never accept.

Xavier Daniels is sick of being Hunt’s dirty little secret. When he fled the ugliness of his past, he swore he would never again hide who he is. Or let anyone hurt him or make him feel ashamed. So, discovering the man he’s in love with is engaged to some mystery woman devastates him. Forced into making the only decision he can, Xavier locks up his heart, determined to keep Hunt out for good.

Sydney Shaw is the bane of her father’s existence. But he’s finally found a way to end her rebellious streak—marry a virtual stranger or be cut off forever. Hunt could be a great husband, if he wasn’t such a cold, moody jerk and she wasn’t still hung up on the guy who broke her heart at fifteen.

Marrying Sydney to save his father’s company is a sacrifice Hunt will make because he suspects the elite is involved, and it’s up to him and his friends to stop them. With his heart also on the line, Hunt is determined to end the threat quickly or risk losing the one person he now realizes he can’t live without. Consequences be damned.

Sawyer is the sixth book in the Rydeville Elite world, and it is recommended to read the previous books in the series first. This romance contains MM and MF scenes, in addition to some dark themes/references. It is recommended for readers aged eighteen and older. Ends with an HEA for the chosen couple.

Dark Throne Book 1


She hated me… but I took her anyway. Nothing would stop me from claiming what’s mine. A billionaire mafia romance.

We’re the Kings,
Brutal and heartless, we rule the Vegas mafia.

Our dark underworld is savage and unforgiving,
It takes everything from me, including the woman I love.

Ten years later I come face to face with Rose,
She’s innocence and light, and reminds me of everything I lost.

She also looks exactly like the woman I once loved.

Turns out, they’re closer than I could’ve imagined.

She hates me because she thinks I killed her sister,
But I take her captive anyway, because I want her,
In my bed and by my side.

She belongs to me.

And no one, not the bratva or my own brother,
will steal what’s mine.

For fans of Rina Kent, Sophie Lark, and J.L. Beck, Fierce King is the first book in The Dark Throne series, which is a series of duets.
FIERCE KING will end in a cliffhanger and will conclude in book 2, REGAL QUEEN.
All duets in the series have guaranteed HEAs and no cheating.

This book is for those of you who like a little bit of darkness in your stories.
Beware the monsters lurking in the night.

Beauty in Lies #4



In secrets we trust.
Since the moment I first laid eyes on Isa, I knew she would be mine. Our pasts are entwined, our sins connected in ways we never could have foreseen.
But Isa still doesn’t know the truth, and my secrets and my enemies will tear us apart if she doesn’t trust me to shield her from the flames.


In promises we doubt.
Since the moment Rafael approached me, I knew he would destroy me. Our love is built on secrets, on manipulation and lies that threaten to tear us apart at every turn.
Rafe’s enemies are closing in, demanding payment for the blood he’s spilled. But it isn’t his life at stake.
It’s mine.

Until Death Do Us Part is the final book in the Beauty in Lies series. This is a DARK mafia romance and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.
Note: Until Death Do Us Part will likely release early.

Manhattan Billionaires


Best one-night-stand of my life. Plot twist: she’s our new nanny…

Commitments? No thanks.

And after my painful divorce I’m also done with secrets and lies.

The occasional hookup is more my speed as a new billionaire, busy doctor and single dad.

But there’s something about Skye. That’s why I swiped right on her profile.

That’s why we enjoyed sizzling chemistry and an unforgettable one-night stand.

I meant it to be a one-time thing.

I never anticipated this growing obsession with her.

I certainly never expected my ex to hire her as our new nanny.

Now my life is full of messy secrets.

And the relentless desire to get feisty Skye back in my bed…

Don’t miss the final standalone in Ava Ryan’s sexy contemporary romance series, Manhattan Billionaires!

Twisted Trilogy #2


Amelia betrayed me, and now she must pay the price. She says I’m her captor, but the line between captor and protector is fine. There are things I know. Things I could tell her, but I won’t. The awful truth is that she hates me, and I don’t trust her. We’re a match made in hell. But when we strike that match, we burn so beautifully together.

Lies and betrayal are all I know now. I tell him I hate him, but it’s one more lie. The moment he touches me I light up. We both carry such savage legacies within us, it can never work. He makes me yearn, and he makes me weak for him. When I find my strength, I’ll leave for good. Otherwise, he’ll burn my soul until there’s nothing left but ashes.



In the middle of the night he took me.

Dangerous and wild, I only know him as Soren.
My captor, my tormentor.
He forces me to walk miles on end and refuses to tell me why.
All he does is stare …
And it sets my body on fire.
He’s a muscular giant with raw, unbridled needs.
If I run, he’ll catch me.
If I fight, he’ll pin me down.
And worst of all … I’m beginning to like it.
But what I fear the most is that he lives for it.
Everyone knows a beast can’t be chained.
One way or another … his darkest needs will always come out to play.

Dark Need is a Dark Romance novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This story follows Soren & April from Dark Wish & Dark Lies. However, it can also be read as a standalone.