Once upon a time a sinner, a priest and a madman played a dangerous game…

She is a sinner.
He is a serial killer.

She demanded vengeance.
He demanded her.

She vowed to avenge.
He vowed to destroy.

She created a web of lies.
He wore a mask of deceit.

She wanted to escape.
He captured her instead.

There are no rules in this twisted game of theirs.
But there is a winner who claims the sinner.

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My Rating: ♥♥♥♥

I have no idea what I just read. All I know is I loved every minute of it. I don’t know why I’ve never read this author’s books before but am I glad I finally woke up to it. I mean this book is so confusing. And I don’t mean that in the what-the-hell-did-she-bother-with-this-shit-way. I mean it in the this-is-so-good-I-know-what’s-happening-but-its-eluding-me way.  This book had me twisted in knots. It has left me with so many questions that I’d normally rate it a 3 at best. But the story is that delicious blend of darkness and what the fuckness, that I have to admit it’s worth more.

“If you heart rules your head, you are set for failure. The path of revenge should be devoid of any emotion, even angry ones.”

Following one of the most harrowing experiences that could ever happen to a woman, Arianna Griffins returns to her home town; not only as Cassandra Scott, but as a woman whose past has clouded the sweet girl with high hopes and replaced it with the darkness fuelling by revenge to sustain its existence. She’s had a decade to plan and put her plans in motion. She is prepared and she is ready to being down everyone that took part in robbing her of her innocence and destroying her family. But she didn’t anticipate how despite how different she may look, her body still remembers Eudard “Madman” Campbell.  And so the war between the heart and the head begin.

“You are mine, Arianna. Always have been. You never belonged to Eachann. You just turned to him, because I orchestrated it.”

Eudard “Madman” is indeed mad in every sense of the word. He is broody, mean, rude, follows no rules but it seems this is an act to block out all the turmoil that’s eating him up inside. For whatever reason, he is head over heels with Arianna, but as you do, instead of just telling her, he pulls her ponytails in the playground. Until an event a party lead the most catastrophic and unfortunate incident that finally lands him the girl of his dreams, but is the beginning of her end.

As I said in my introduction, this story was confusing as a motherfucker.

Who the hell wrote that letter that Patricia claimed Arianna wrote? And really? All that shit because she was mad that her name wasn’t picked by anyone from the hat? What’s that got to do with Arianna?

Where was the twins’ mother? Were they abused? Why Eudard and not Euchann?

Was it Eudard’s alter ego that killed her parents?

How did Arianna’s  dad know Lachlan?

Can someone please tell me what the hell happened to Euchann?

I mean I could go on and on. Also I was a bit annoyed at how Cassandra suddenly had  a change of heart about her intentions to exert  her revenge. I mean she’s lost 10 years of her life dedicated to this very thing. Lost her family and identity. Then a few nights of good sex has her all the way fucked up that she changed her mind so easily? I mean considering what Dorothy and Patricia did, she could have atleast gone apeshit on them for their lack of sisterhood alone. Destroying Patricia’s marriage and batting her violet eyes at Dorothy was not adequate in my eyes.

Anyway, we get on with the story and all of sudden shit ceases to make sense. I mean when Casandra makes it back to the church I start to lose it. Eudard, Euchann and some other dude?

And who the hell is the Maestro? And what did Arianna parents do that caused her to be collateral damage? This maestro whispers the words that Santiago and Callum said to Madman? Are they the Maestro’s people? If so what did they save Arianna in the first place?

As I said


Despite my many many questions, I loved this book and I CANNOT WAIT for the next book and please for fucks sake, have answers to my questions.

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